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Think in the morning. Act in the noon. Eat in the evening. Sleep in the night. William Blake

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MYMonkey MIND’s posts send my creativity to a place where fictional story clips come alive. Here’s a flash fiction story which developed from the painting above.


On a dark and gray day, she entered my coffee shop refreshing the atmosphere like a spring bouquet. Her brown hair framed her oval face and her marble light brown eyes shined with delight. She didn’t appeared any older than twenty-nine.

With every move she made, strokes of blush, silky rose printed on my black, mourning heart.

She placed her order, medium, coconut milk latte.

The cup I held shook. I cleared my throught, then asked. “Your name?”

With a smile and her right eye-brow raised she said, “Margie.”

As I wrote on the cup, I thought, have I met her before?

With her coffee in hand she made her way to the door, stopped and took a sip. A soft yellow light enter my shop. Her silhouette defined  her curves.

A shiver came over me as if wet snow had splashes on my bare chest. There for a second, her frame reminded  me of my lat wife, gone for a year.

Margie turned around, tilted her head and said, “I’ll return tomorrow, same time for the same latte order.”

My heart fluttered like a bird inside my chest. Life pump back into my thirty-five year old body as if I was a teen again. A desire see Margie tomorrow caused my hands to sweat. The longing for my high-school sweetheart diminished as the stranger walked across the street.


The Magic of New Day


Days ago, troubles lingered on my mind like stormy dark clouds.

Slowly I drew the curtains opened not wanting morning to come.

Not knowing the view had more than a scene to reveal to me.

Morning sun rose like a golden ocean of possibilities behind leafless trees of brokenness.

Heavy, purple winter clouds hung above the sea of goodness keeping life from reaching me

Angelic cloud spread across the stormy clouds allowing the blue sky to fill my heart with heavenly hope.

God’s promises are new every morning and ours should be too.

Sitting, I Wait For Patience

Here I sit waiting on patience.

Does she care to know time is slipping by?

I don’t think so for the clock’s hand drop with each clicking sound.

Yet, patience lingers at a place that can’t be found.

In my waiting, I meditate on the word of God. Then I hear what I didn’t want to know.

Patience whispered, “I can produce my fruit in you, but first prepare your heart.”


But the fruit of the [Holy] Spirit [the work which His presence within accomplishes] is love, joy (gladness), peace, patience (an even temper, forbearance), kindness, goodness (benevolence), faithfulness, Gentleness (meekness, humility), self-control (self-restraint, continence). Against such things there is no law [that can bring a charge]. Galatians 5:22-23 AMPC
We are a tree of multiple types of fruit, yet should we bloom all of these seeds at the same time? Every Day?
Well, for me, even though God has planted every  one of these seed in me, they don’t all fruition daily.
Honestly, there are days, that kindness blossoms before I even blink. While, I turn blue waiting for patience to hurry up and show a little bit of her self. As for self-control, I’ve noticed the older I become the less blooms I find.
With fruitless days end, I’ve learned to ask myself, is nutrition missing from the soil of my heart? Because, I know God planted all these seeds within me, I’ve seen them bloom on many other occasions in days gone by.
Another question I ask, has my soil been wet with Living Water lately? If not, the soil could be parch and the seed could die or be choked by weeds or blown away, if exposed by today’s storm.
If my soul is good and moist, then I ask, has the Light been shinning over my soil? My heart needs the provision of Holy nutrition. Otherwise, righteousness will not grow godly fruit within me.
Can I bear all these godly fruits every day? Yes, but not by my power alone. Daily, maybe even hourly, I must bring my heart to God. For it may need more soil, water and light. But it’s my job to pluck the weeds out for all good things to grow and produce fruitfulness.
Let’s be a sweet aroma in our world today. Let’s tend to our garden in our hearts, for these seeds to be planted, grown and bloom fruitfulness in our lives. Then, a godly seed can fall into another’s heart.
I’m so glad Patience whispered that my heart needed some plucking.
Come close to God, for He will come close to you. Just be ready to hear, what you need to know.
Come close to God and He will come close to you. [Recognize that you are] sinners, get your soiled hands clean; [realize that you have been disloyal] wavering individuals with divided interests, and purify your hearts [of your spiritual adultery]. James 4:8 AMPC

Grasp Time And Be A Spring Day


“Oil and perfume rejoice the heart; so does the sweetness of a friend’s counsel that comes from the heart.” Amplified Bible, Classic Edition (AMPC)

Give a kind words, make time for a coffee date, lunch meeting, spontaneous gathering, phone hug, Facebook glimpse or a walk-talk fellowship, but most important send a prayer.

Without your refreshing moments in your friend’s life, their nights will be longer, rainy days much darker and their soul would be malnourished from the lack of girlfriend companionship.

Friendship times are not only food for the soul, but gold nuggets of encouragement which will be treasured for a life time.

By the way, words are not always necessary, but your involvement is.

Go ahead and grasp some time and be a spring day in a friend’s life.

A Tranquil Soul


What is it about being out in nature at the end of a day which quiets the noise in my head, calms my rushing heart and peace reaches my soul?

Is it because in the end is when I realized that I was grateful that today turned out better than I had hoped?

Or is it because I came to my senses and accepted the fact that I can’t control what isn’t of me?

Maybe, it could possibly be both. 😊

A Spiritual Lesson To Survive Life’s Storms

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of sympathy (pity and mercy) and the God [Who is the Source] of every comfort (consolation and encouragement), Who comforts (consoles and encourages) us in every trouble (calamity and affliction), so that we may also be able to comfort (console and encourage) those who are in any kind of trouble or distress, with the comfort (consolation and encouragement) with which we ourselves are comforted (consoled and encouraged) by God.
2 Corinthians 1:3-4 AMPC20180305_093751.jpg
ABOVE THE CLOUDS ~ While one faces uncertainty, God lift us above the cloudy issues which surround us on any given day. The prayer of many assist us to stay afloat while God reminds or tells us how to live as storms approach.
Will we listen? Or will we only survive with the few scraps that fall from his table? Will we act upon God’s truth and promises as facts?
We are children of a King, expect great things. I’m not talking about tangible items, like money, houses or cars, which God can provide. But the one’s to focus on are hope, faith, belief and strength which come from our Abba Father. These are the ones that will keep our emotions, our thoughts and our words away from giving room to scenarios which may never happen. These ‘what ifs’ will drown us in our sorrows and true disappointments.
Our Lord does gives us his strength to endure the discomforts we must face to survive the harshness of the tempest. It’s the spiritual blessings, gifts and supplies that come from him which we should take hold of when the dark days of depression, anxiety or hopelessness consume our lives.
We can and will survive. We may be bruised, wounded and broken, but oh the stories we will have of how we saw His mighty hand over, under and at times surrounding us as we face and felt each blow.
Stay faithful my fiends. Surround yourself with believers. Don’t let go of God’s promises. We will prevail, not by our strength, but the unity of God’s kingdom and the mighty hand of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge ~ Beauty On The Ordinary

When snow cuddle and stay on limbs and leaves, it accents and contrast shapes and colors sending an overwhelming feeling of wonder over me,

The definition created by the snow on the tree below enchanted me like a painting in a museum. It’s beauty held me hostage in the freezing cold for a while as I study the detail of its fan out branches. Finally I took photos and when on my walk.


Snakes of snow rested against the limbs highlighting the path each limb took making me chose which branch my eyes were going to follow.


Tiny, tiny dots against the white snowy sky, pulled my soul high, that I felt myself leave the grown. Suddenly, a heavenly scent of cleanliness came over me as  snow gently landed over me.


Like cradles, leafs and twigs collected clusters of snowflakes. They twinkle as they were held. As if the leaves or the twigs were too afraid for the snow to fall, they seemed frozen in their position.





Branches spread in many different paths towards the sky caused me to fluster with confusion on which path to follow. But, when I looked down towards the tree’s trunk I remembered, they all aimed like their trunk, up. I felt peace and assurance that there is truly only one way to reach the heavens above.


Trees and leaves represents many aspects of living life, but they also serve to remind us of a life in a much a waited paradise, heaven on earth.


Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge ~ Leaves or Trees

Daily prompt ~ Branch


A Child’s Curious Heart

My reality is placed on silence as I wonder about my grandson’s imagination

Can I go see my little house? 20180220_020413.jpg



I want to go inside.


A choice I had to make, do I expose the truth or tell him a lie?

I chose to show him reality, but fed him a make belief world once I closed the door back on the bush.

“Grandson, this will always be your little house. You can enter within, when you sleep tonight. Once you see the door, go inside. In there is a home, which only you can dream.”

Not sure if he understood, but I do know, he doesn’t forget what I tell him. Maybe, when he sleeps my words will return and guide him to the little red door. Then, he can create his own story.


Daily Post Photo Challenge ~ Story

When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.” — Ansel Adams

When Evening Comes


When evening enters
A majestic view
Not one sound it makes
While the scene becomes blue

Colors become darker
And the air much colder
Reminding night approaches
Behind one’s shoulder

The coat is zipped
and a sigh is released
For the tranquil blue
whispers, it’s time to leave






Messy Feelings

Messy feelings keep me from talking. They gargle up to my throat and block me from saying a word. I swallow hard. But that nasty blob of unsettled hurt has stirred the acid in my stomach and it’s fumes have cause my nose to flair.

I’m about to explode. Yet, I dare not even utter a sound.

Composed, I look away from the person I love. The flame which has dried my tears, might just ignite the heart before me with a fire they have never felt in our entire married life.

In silence, I pray.

In time, I take myself for a walk, fix my eyes on something beautiful and lovely until my messy feelings are washed clean. Now, I too can try to be lovely with the person who has offended me.

I return a bit more level-headed and forgiving for I still enjoy being around my husband.

He does care about me, even though I too have stirred his acid once or twice, maybe just a few more times. But, whose counting. 😉






Rise Above Troubles

Before one can rise above their troubles, one must survive the ride of the turbulence. 20180304_140010.jpg

When the waves of the circumstances hit hard, one’s support must hold strong.


While others enjoys life, one should take time to regain purpose in spite of the loss.


As the torment diminishes, one must fix their sight on the horizon, regain balance and move on.20180304_141936.jpg

Hope, love and faith are the sails to maneuver through the waves of doubt and unbelief. They are true life guards who save anyone in a life’s storms.20180304_143600.jpg

Stretch out your hand and grab God’s help. It often comes in human form.

UNTIL THE STORM ENDS ~ Find a way to survive the tempest.


What’s Keeping You Here?


What bridge are you waiting to cross, but are too afraid to get on?

The scenarials in your head don’t exist on the other side. Not until you bring them there.

But even then, they are only happening in your mind.

Go ahead, cross the bridge and see what’s there, on the other side.

Be ready to experience what’s happening outside of you, it just might change your mind.

To Restart Is It A Redo?

20180211_002259.jpgWhen a new day comes, we can’t honestly restart our life?

Things we’ve started, then stop or quit and go back to attempt to do again, doesn’t mean we return to  the exact place where the plan began.

Wait a minute, did the question, “What is she talking about?” dart through your mind?

Think about it for a minute, maybe a bit longer, speaking literally no one can really restart to the beginning of anything, unless they go back in time.

A restart, refers to going to where one was and redo what one did with the assumption of what has been done will now work.

But why redo something, unless it wasn’t good enough in the first place.

Anyway, one can’t go back to the beginning and start from scratch because, we, you and me, have gain knowledge and experience and the formula has actually changed.

All I’m trying to say is, a restart is actually a new beginning at a different time and place in the future.

When you wake don’t return to your old ways. Instead, begin the day with a new start not a restart.


Pain Lifter


There it hung
Stealing the view

A single raindrop
Looked so blue

The cracks it held
Brought pain to mind

Of a moment
Which I kept inside

Looking through
The frozen tear

My sadness left me
Beyond the heavenly sphere

Nature loosens my pain and help me release it above and away from me, to the One who can bring healing to my spirit and soul.

Can You Guess What It is?

Out of this world beauty created by an element of our world. 20180120_164057.jpg

Frozen water captured colors and shadows creating a reflecting, ghostly image. 20180120_164102.jpg

I often feel like this branch, reaching out to escape from hardships, but I too am too late.20180120_164001.jpg

Frozen water on the side of a mountain became a piece of art like I’ve never seen before.


Alaska just keep leaving me in wonder of its beauty and hungry for more.


Exploring the world I live in blows my mind to a world I could never imagine.   20180120_164324.jpg

How, just exactly how did this happened? I would have loved to have seen this in action. Wouldn’t you?


Alaska, you have not only captured my heart but my interest of leaning more of your wonders.



Nature Is Conversant


Unseen ground roots bind my soul long enough to hear the earth below my feet whisper valuable advice. “Don’t allow the obvious to mislead your heart and react from the immediate emotion.

Take a breather, hush your thoughts and pay attention to what is not easily seen.

There is much to learn about what lies under what first is presented before you.

Don’t allow difficulties or hardships to take your focus from the earth.

For God created you from the same dirt which brings spring back with its beautiful colors to paint the world.

You are to bring color into other souls. You are free to be what you were created to do.

Believe and you will brighten souls with what you know to be true.”

Nature is conversant, are you listening.

Woes may frost my spirit, but truth melts the frost.

Don’t Need To See His Face

A Walk With My Grandson

There’s is no need to see his face to get a sense of where his mind is at, yet I do have some questions.

Does He Feel What I Feel? Seeing the wonder of fresh snow in the Northwest of America where green is greener in winter than summer, I feel a tranquility as I see the beauty of the land with my grandson.

From my point of view not his, I point out the ducks in the natural pond, who swim in the safe distance. His silence tells me he has found something different to wonder about. I pray that our walks, as a grandson and grandmother, will teach him the value of being outdoors among God’s creation.


Do I see what he sees?

From my point of view and from where I stood, I would never see what he saw. I must be by his side and at his eye level to stumble on the treasure he admired.

May one day, when I’m old, he will take me for a walk, out in the grand outdoors and feel what he feels and see what he sees. And in the awkward moments of not saying a thing, may I still be able to hear his silent vibes.


Are we truly listening to each other when we don’t say a word? Words are just sound waves of what moves the heart. Yet silence also carries wave sounds that only hearts can hear.

In his quietness, I listen to his unspoken words with my heart as I watched him and talked to my second son on the phone. One thing I know, my grandson heard every word I spoke for he later brought up the subject of his uncle possibly moving far, far-away.


The beauty of spending time with my grandson is beyond the splendor of nature my eyes will ever witness.

As we learn, we teach.

Take time out for a walk with a love one today and reflect. 

Photo Challenge of the Week: Your Weather  today.

From Nancy Merrill Photography

The Daily Post Challenge of the week:  A Face In the Crowd

Family Tree




When you see me
I may seem alone
But, I am not only one

Many parts of me exist
In each spreading branch
Which point to the heavens

As one we stand giving
Glory and praise to the One
Who made me and my family

Here to There


Tomorrow does come.
Once today is gone.

The sun does rise.
Once the night is done.

Peace is felt.
Once faith is present.

Joy does return.
Once hope fills the soul.

Be Present In Other’s Life And Help



“Until now you have asked for nothing in My name; ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be made full.” John 24:16

Sometime I feel that, “In, Jesus name I pray,” used in prayer is said as if expecting something magical to happen, instead of waiting for a miracle.

One, must understand when we ask in Jesus name, Jesus is not a magical word, instead it is a powerful word. Then, we must prepare our hearts, for the answer may come far from how it is expected. However or whatever form the answer is sent, joy does come along with peace.

I love the explanation from “My Utmost for His Highest”

“Our Lord does not mean that life will be free from external perplexities, but that just as He knew the Father’s heart and mind, so by the baptism of the Holy Ghost He can lift us into the heavenly places where He can reveal the counsels of God to us.”

We need to be so intimate with our Lord, as to be one with him, then we will not only know the counsel of God but our God’s joy will be made full in us.

This joy doesn’t come externally like our woes, troubles and tribulations. This joy comes from the peace that passes earthly understanding, knowing our Lord will help us pass through our present circumstances.

He does and he will be with us and help us.

Remember in prayer, Jesus name is powerful, but it is not a magic word.

Also keep in mind, that God answers us is many ways today. The most realistic method is through people. The relief may come through a person whom you’ve never met. These folks are today’s Good Samaritan whom are moved by the Holy Spirit to help not only by what they hear and see, but by what moves them to compassion. Luke 10:25-37

Be present in someone’s life and be a good Samaritan.

God bless the Samaritans in our lives.

Suspicious Love


Golden love
Never revealed
The rings of ice
My heart would
Feel from the one
Who loves me
By their darting
Icicle words
Dedicated this post to all dose who found the day of love, empty from broken promises.
Yet, know someone’s love never sends ice, cold darts and leaves you with broken promises, for His love for you is always abundant. God himself will take you in his loving arms and coo your hurting soul, every – single time.

Color My World ~ February 14

Where My Daydreams Become Reality

Jennifer’s Color My Wold Challenge


With a streak of melon color the sun rose below a foggy stream of clouds as I daydreamed.

Tips of mountain peeks stood out like a mystical land where I longed to be and my heart loves.

On a sea of turbulent clouds, my flight headed to a promised land where my soul sings with glee and my feet run with joy.

For my eyes will soon see, two tiny souls which my arms await to embrace their little bodies as mine swallows them whole.

There and then, my daydream will fade along with the clouds my flight left behind.

For reality will ground me where my one-year-old and soon to be three-year-old grandsons actually play and dream.20180211_001244.jpg

Foggy Morning in December


Bewildered, I roamed

In the mystifying beauty

Of the fog by the sea

My soul began to hunger

For a cryptic imaginative story

But, the fog quickly fled

With the change of the wind

And the warmth of the sun

Suddenly, the story vaporized

Leaving my heart with an ache

From an appetite for more

Secretive and ambiguous scenarios

Which only the fog can bring









Weekly photo challenge with the topic of fog from Tourmaline’s Blog

Deep In Thought


Waiting to hear a voice my ears don’t hear, yet my soul delights at its sweet tune.

Silence ~ conveyor of Truth

Smallness Baffles Unbelief

Sometimes, I just have to get on my knees to see miracles.










Photo Challenge ~ Variations 



Holding On While Trying to Let Go


When life sends harsh cold traumas, one becomes frozen from shock, unable to respond or react. Then, the ocean of emotions comes in waves, washing out certainty.

The chill waves of the situation causes the heart to shattered and the mind to freeze.

Prayer and the loving warmth of others helps the emotional traumatized soul to slowly live on.

Yet, mourning, for a family member who committed suicide is a life long process that returns like floating icebergs chilling the soul with a false sense of hopelessness.

Please, if you suffer from suicidal thoughts call for help. Know you do matter to many and you will be greatly missed.

If you complete the action, the void you leave behind will be greater than the void you feel. For the loss, of a love one, reaches many souls leaving them with an uncertainty that may never be resolved.

A reminder, sympathize with those souls who can’t seem to leave the darkness of depression and suicidal thoughts.

Reach out, help out, bring the light of hope to them. Speak positive possibilities of a better tomorrow. Let them know, while they can’t seem to hold on to hope or belief, you will, until they can claim them for themselves.

Nothing stays frozen forever, not even dark days or sleepless nights.20180125_091839.jpg


The Dangers of holding Yourself Back

Stifling Dreams Create Nightmares

20180120_153624.jpgWhat talent am I suffocating, because of what if it takes off?

What ability am I quenching, because of what others may think of me?

What inspiration am I killing, because of what if it succeed?

Stifling our creativity harms not only ourselves, but those whom would have benefited from our work.

In a sense, we are not only killing our growth by withholding inspiration from the world around us, but we are keeping ourselves in the darkness of hopelessness.

Breakthroughs from stifle thinking, not only brings dreams alive, but give light for many other souls to hope again through our gifts, talents and works.

Be creative, spread insight, possibilities and imagination.

Allow your dream to take flight.


Alaska ~ Like A Dream on Moose Pass

IMG_20180126_074429_958.jpgDriving south on highway-1 from Anchorage, the view is beyond capturing, but I still try.
It changes in minutes, just beyond the cluster of trees, over the bridge, after the next set of mountains, practically on every curve of the road.
20180126_082950.jpgBecause there isn’t always a place to pull over to the side of the road, I have to photograph from a moving car.
20180120_161537.jpgOne must be watchful and careful on this highway, it is dangerous, not only because of animals, but people and the weather.
20180125_120831.jpgWhen I see a grand scene, I photograph the view from a moving car as quickly as I can. Many times what I see before me, the camera can’t capture well.
20180126_084225.jpgOne, the grand view changes too fast.
20180125_115349.jpgTwo, light is difficult to photograph period.
20180125_120439.jpgThree, a moving vehicles with a snowy, dirty windshield causes fuzzy photos.
20180125_120212.jpgBut, I kept trying. I had to show you what I saw, because it expanded my chest wider, pulled my shoulders back, released my concerns and helped me breath deeper again.
20180125_115811.jpgOnce, I can stop. I do and then the scene swallows me whole. Nature does it every time, it reminded me of Who is actually in control and it’s not me.20180125_115637.jpg

God is Dominant.



A Photo a Week Challenge – The benefits of Looking Up

All these flower look up for their source of energy. Where do we look towards for our source of energy?


These daisies gaze up to light up together as a group. Whom do we cluster with to cheer-up and spread light?


These elegant flowers shine together as they glare up to the sky. What are we beaming about as we stare to the heavens above?



Photo a week challenge – Look up

To find out more on the Photo a Week Challenge, please take a look at Nancy’s blog and view the other bloggers taking part.


Anchorage Alaska


Your view froze my heart
Now, I’m stuck
And I cannot depart

How am I to fly home
For I feel, here
Is where I belong


Be A Candid Person Without Insulting

To be a candid person without insulting helps if you have emotional intelligence. Then one can speak truth without hurting someone’s feelings. Yet, the person also has to be ready to receive the truth.

20180120_143014.jpgA man held out an empty milk jug inches from the water. He stared at his truck across the road where his wife sat.

A woman came to get a cup of the natural water and said, “Sir, you might want to step closer to the water to fill your jug.”

The man placed his hand over his chest and said, “I’s sorry, did you say something to me.”

“Are you alright? You look pale. Is your heart okay?” The woman asked.

“No, I’m not alright? And, no, my heart isn’t okay. ” The man pointed to his truck. “I just learned my wife has cancer. She loves this spring water. I came to get some for her with the hope to cheer her. Maybe she will bloom a smile for me, once she gets a drink.”

The woman said, “She will smile if she can feel your happiness. Let me tell you a joke to help you release your stress.”

While the man filled his milk jug, the woman told him the joke. He laughed so hard that he over filled the milk jug and wet his pants with the spilled water.

Before the man cross the road, he said to the woman, “My wife will not only have a smile on her face, but laugh at me, not from my joy, but from my stupidity.” He laughed all the way to his truck.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

E.I. is the ability for a person to identify and manage their own feelings as well as those of others. They can walk into a room and know not only the dynamics of the group in that particular place, but can identify people and their masked feelings. E.I. people are like radars. They home in to distressed souls and are compelled to help them relax and enjoy themselves like the others in the room.

People with this IQ are very sensitive people, but they don’t wear their emotions on their sleeves. They are normally quiet, stay to themselves. At social events they prefer no more than two other individuals to be around them. Individuals with this trait gravitate to younger kids or much older people than themselves. They don’t say much and are usually happy and content.

Emotional intelligent men, woman or children can’t be around people for long or they get overwhelmed. They are private individuals. Once, they feel safe or comfortable they will talk and tell you very interesting facts and stories. Apathy along with compassion are strong attributes of their personality.

Some E.I. people didn’t learn how to manage the over sensory of emotions. Their brain becomes flooded with other’s emotions especially sadness, hurts and pain when they enter a clouded room. Therefore they become socially awkward, antisocial or extremely quiet to the point that someone who knows them will begin to speak for them. But once they leave the room, they can tell you how certain people were feeling without the individuals giving any verbal or body cues. These E.I children, teens and adults are actually reading an emotion whom they themselves are very familiar with.

Because of their ability to be place them selves in the other’s person circumstances, E.I. people can be very compassionate individuals. They feel when you are in physical or emotional pain and/or mentally or spiritually stressed.

We all have this ability. While some have a natural talent, the rest of us can acquire these skill, by practicing being aware of our own feelings and acknowledging them. Then we can understand those who are feeling the same way. It’s as if their feeling awaken a similar feeling within us. As a Christian, we are asked to be compassionate and practice apathy to all, as Jesus shows us the same extended care and concern.

If you like to learn more on emotional Intelligence click here to get started.

A Plan Without A Destination can Lead to God

A strategy is a mapped out plan to arrive at the desire destination or result. But, a plan without a destination needs no strategy, for one roams where ever one’s heart leads.

Nature helps me when ever I have a troubled soul, a hurting heart and a doubting mind. When I’m stressed, worried or concerned, a walk, a hike or a drive out in creation calms me as I spend some quiet time.

20180123_105304.jpgMy husband hands me the keys to the car and says, “Let’s go for a drive.”

When I sit in the driver’s seat, I have the privilege to go where ever I please,and there is no need for a plan. Go with the flow of what nature reveals, is the only thing I keep in mind. My heart leads me until I’m content or time runs out. It matters not where the starting point is, north, east, south or west as long as it leads me out-of-town.

20180122_230425.jpgOnce I’m on the road, I feel as if I’m on the highway of freedom.

20180122_230602.jpgMy roaming gives me choices.

If a road peeks my interest, I’ll take the turn. If animal appears, I slow down, drive as close as I can without alarming the wild animal, unless it’s a bear, then I keep a safe distance. But, if the scenery melts my heart, I’ll stop  on the side of the road, get out of the car and explore.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In nature, it’s where my heart sings and my souls spread’s its wings.

I float away and the world disappears with its troubles while I photograph what I’ve seen, where I’ve been and what caused my spirit to soar like an eagle. Moments like these, I take time to linger for I know God’s presences is all around me.

20180123_103046.jpgA well planned strategy doesn’t have to exist to find God.

With a searching heart

God can be found

It matter not the road one is on

He will meet you

Either at a turned, or a stopped, or on the drive

There and then

His rest will come and fill you with Peace

What Lifts My Soul


In the morning, when you mind becomes fully awake, remember to call on the One who controls what you haven’t seen or experience yet today.

Then go and make this day, the best day you can. Oh, don’t allow negativity, falsehood or payback to be in your satchel. It will weigh you and keep your eyes to the ground.

When you drive by a scene as majestic as this one, your mind will not have time to tell your eyes what the heart whispered, “Raise your eye to the mountain top. For it will lift you soul higher.”

Monday Morning Pondering



In the same corner, I sit
Morning after morning
The same u-shape,
faded-orange sofa chair
holds my frame while
I stare out the same
scratched-up, dirty window

Why, you wonder? To witness
The spreading of an angelic
Light, the rising sun
Which gives me
Not only an unexplainable
Joy, but an unending hope
Then I can write

Deep in my soul I push
Personal struggles
disappointment times
And painful moments
A side to find a theme,
Threads of ideas, and
Reasons to why persevere

As the sunrise changes
It glorious colors
For anyone to witness
A poem, an article or
A short story builds
Once it’s written, I see

The colors of my struggles,
The shades of my disappointment
And the crevasses of my pain are
Mixed with joy, hope and love
Which are all tied by the grace
Of God and His loving Truth

In Trouble Times

IMG_20180121_215032_245.jpgTurbulence is like a moonless night 
Covering the good of the day, but 
HOPE is a sunrise in a turbulent day.

When trouble decides to stay, 
I keep my eyes on the horizon
Until Goodness comes my way.


When a Sunset Speaks


When a sunset says, “Let me brighten the end of your day.”

I’ll prolong my hike and wait for cheer to consume me.

Then, I’ll be going on my merry way.


Good Night, from Anchorage Alaska. Have a good weekend and God bless you.


A Shocking Winter

December, 2017, in Anchorage, Alaska was considered a warm winter month. And, it was. It reached 48 degrees Fahrenheit with little snow on the ground compared to previous years, while the lower forty-eight experienced winters storm like none recorded. Plus, in early January, a shocking freezing winter hit the eastern states.

20180108_021317.jpgNow back while I was in Anchorage on December 27th, I decided to take my daughter hiking to see the carcass of a young whale. The high was 16 degrees Fahrenheit. It wasn’t the temperature that kept us inside but a thick fog, which lingered most of the day.

20180112_200930-1.jpg When the sun came out we took off to Kincaide Park, only to find out the fog had not lifted everywhere. At the places where it had raised, the beauty of the hoarfrost land made everything look like a fairytale, winter wonderland. It was magical. While we were outside, it dropped at least five degrees. It was cold to say the least.

20171227_152557.jpgHere are some photos I took on our hike.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The carcass of the whale appeared to be part of the landscape. But, the smell told you otherwise. The dead whale got washed to shore back in September. If you care to see a video of the day the whale was found click, here.




Hope the pictures or the video didn’t shock you too much.

If you ever visit Alaska in the winter, is best to come prepare for the unexpected hoarfrost weather or dead whale carcasses.

A Photo a Week Challenge: Crowd



One never knows what worlds exist if one doesn’t take time to stop and take a look.


Below my feet.

As hard as I tried to not step on the smallness of the crowed shells, crunching sounds still came from below my foot.

I came to a halt, as if I heard, “Hey, watch where you’re stepping,” and bent over.

For a moment, I saw myself like Godzilla passing through Tokyo.

When I zoomed in on my phone camera, left me in total wonder.

The scene sucked me away from my world, shrink me to a tiny size and I entered a place I’ve never seen before.

Intricate details, distinguishing colors and uniquely shaped homes revealed a beautiful world, which I was about to collapsed and destroy in one step.




Just like my steps, I must be careful with my words, written or said. Once the action of my printed words or spoken have occurred, they land in people’s minds and hearts. My words will either destroy a world or help rebuilt one.

My hope is for my words to bring healing and possibly repair a destructed life.

Let’s be careful were we trot, not only with our feet, but with our words.

Photos taken in Ketchikan, Alaska

Nancy Merrill Photography Weekly Challenge ~ Crowd

Break of Goodness


20180118_102940.jpgGood Morning! 

What ever time zone you are in, know the day is good.

It’s the people or nature which will cause goodness to vanish at some point today.

But, goodness never really goes away, if you carry it in your heart.

Give of your goodness in buckets and drench out negativity and drown malice away.

Soon you will see kindness rise in others like the morning sun.

The break of goodness will spread, bringing smiles, chasing frowns, anger and sadness away.

Have a great day!


Fenced, Chained and Locked

20170103_073940.jpgFENCED, CHAINED AND LOCKED ~ Here is where I find myself more often than I want. The good thing is, it’s happening less and less as I discover what binds me down.

Many times I know what keeps me from escaping the prison I find myself in. It’s those darn fears, crippling insecurities, blinding doubts, and the cutting words of whom I’ve given power over me.

The question is what’s binding me today? Why can’t I get to where I want to be? Why is it that the work I honestly want to get done, seems impossible to reach?

It’s not all about the will, or the heart or even the mind that stops me. It’s what I’ve been told and have accepted as truth, which isn’t mine. The words which have been spoken over me, may have a ring of truth, but they have been dunk in the murky water of guilt and control.

Have you notice, that once you’ve accepted a truth from a love one, it weight you down? It may have not been noticeable right away, but in time you began to wonder, why am I moping around and not getting things done?

Then you give yourself that pep talk which has helped you before, but you find that it’s not working. As a faith person, you’ve cried out to God and ask him for help. Which He’s faithfulness never has let you down. Even so, the familiar pressure of the chain of hinderance wrap itself tighter and tighter around your mind, heart and eventually your soul. What do you do then?

Here is what I do, I pray and wait for God’s faithfulness to help me find what keeping in bondage. In the mean time I journal. If enlightenment of what weights me down doesn’t come, I call my mentor or a friend, whom knows my struggles and ask for prayer and insight.

Today, it was words, which held some truth but have been dunked in the murky water of guilt, jealousy, envy and control. I was made aware, to take responsibility of my neglects without the negativity that came with the truth.

What’s weighing you down? Why aren’t you able to accomplish the tasks you need to do or the projects you desire to do? Whom or what are you believing about your present self?

May you find the truth which unlocks the lock. May the chains of falsehood fall from your mind, heart and soul. But most important, may Truth set you free to take care of your responsibilities and to use your gift to your potential.

God bless you.


Paths of Self Discovery


Along the path you will discover that you too can flee away from danger. Listen and be aware.


When one must turn back along the path take time to reflect. Keep the good and leave the bad.

Choices exist of where to walk on any path. Either choice brought you from and took you to the same place, the uniqueness of who you are.

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge



A Serene Foggy Walk



Focal point not easy to see
Often the way is beyond me
Going on is a pull from glee



IMG_20180116_115414_092.jpgA small tree stood out among the giant trees. It seemed as it wanted to say something to me.

I asked my daughter go stand by the tree.

Then, I realized, how tall the tree actually was compared to my daughter, who is much taller than me.

IMG_20180116_115414_091.jpgIt’s was a good reminder to myself of who or what am I comparing myself to. It’s not about my outward height or abilities, but how I persevere the circumstances and people in my heart.

Will they become giants who will overshadow me?

Or, will I ignore them as if they are not worth my time and energy?

I hope and pray, that I will not think of myself as better than anyone else or shrink back because of what I have to face or what others say to me.

Instead, I’ll be strong and steadfast in what I believe as I encourage others to overcome their struggles.

Life is too precious to run and hide.

I chose to persevere by leaning a hand and lift a soul with my thoughts and words, as I too try to survive.20171228_005224.jpg

Broken Together


Marriage is hard, It’s an ongoing, challenging commitment. One, must keep believing not only in each other, but why one wanted to be united in the first place.

The song, Broke Together by Casting Crowns reminded me of a part of my wedding vow which I try hard to keep real in my heart, especially when turbulence shakes my marriage. When I’m standing on shaking grown from a disagreement, I recall the vow I try to keep alive, “For better or for worst, until death do us part.”

Then, I cry for help to the only One who can change not only my husband mind and heart, but mine. That’s if we’re willing. I’ve learned if I want my husband to change, I need to first look at what needs to be change in me. This idea works both ways, but one must be willing to allow God to show the truth of the circumstance and the truth about the person asking.

I’ll be truthful, before God begins to reveal what needs changing in me, I give him a piece of my mind. When I’m done with my whimpering and complaining, He reminds me to allow Him to hold all my hurting heart. It is then when I can hear truth. I’ve learned, things can’t improve, if I keep asking God to change him without changing me. Change can’t occur on both individuals, if we aren’t willing to see WHY we are part of the problem.

If I don’t ask God to change me, the problem and disharmony prolongs and will return quicker. After I see my faults and take ownership, then my husband begins to make amends. If I’m not at fault, I must remain steadfast in wanting to remain united and ask God to help my husband, as He helped me. Then I wait for God to help my husband, For God always waits on me.

A marriage is an art in progress that doesn’t stay beautiful. It can get ugly and messy. The problem is, we fall short of being patient, kind and loving, our brokenness shows up again and again. Our old nature returns and the explosion sends the mushroom cloud of destruction into the atmosphere.

It’s good to remind ourselves, we are broken people. But unlike Humpty Dumpty, we can be place back together again, every time we ask for help.

To fall less, we must acknowledge what tripped us. Was it fear, doubt, insecurities, selfishness, thoughtlessness or refusal to say, “It’s my fault. Please forgive me, for the hundredth time.” These are just a few things that causes the turbulence and shakes our commitment.

The dream of the perfect marriage doesn’t last. Realism comes as soon as the sun rises and one wakes up, But, hope is eternal. Hope in what God sees in your spouse and in yourself, instead of the broken parts of each other’s lives.

When you run out of love for your spouse, go to God, the maker of love, who gives freely to anyone who asks. HIs love, never runs out despite of how many times one falls.

If you are married or plan to get married, listen to the song, Broken Together and hold on to hope as you keep the promise for better or for worse. God bless our commitment to cherish and to hold.

Weathered Images

An Intriguing Get Through Bridge
Uprooted Yet Overcame
Perfectly Survived
In Pieces But Harden 

Photo Challenge ~ Weathered

A Prayer For You And Me



May the God of your hope so fill you with all joy and peace in believing [through the experience of your faith] that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound and be overflowing (bubbling over) with hope. Romans 15:13 AMPC

I desire this bubbling hope, today. Fill me with joy and peace to the point that they’re overflowing all day long?