Like a Tree Stump


ORDINARY ~ There are times, I feel like a tree stump: useless, unimportant, without purpose or with nothing to offer.

When I do, I can’t write any more, for the flow of creativity dries up like a crumbled riverbed in the desert.

That’s where I found myself on this day. I soon hear that small voice say, time to go outside. I did.

Ordinary tree trunks stood out at the start and end of my jog. As soon as I passed them, I knew I had to go back and take a picture. But, I didn’t know why.

Tonight as I looked over these photos, I heard God tell me:
Often you see yourself as these tree trunks forgotten, without worth or value. But now that you’ve taken these pictures and turn them into art, trust me with your insecurities.

Allow me to turn them to something spectacular. Then when others see what I’ve created with them, they will find hope and a reason to continue to exist.
They too will see their unique purpose in the mist of what surrounds them.