The complexity of the view of a lake, the trees around the water and the reflection of the trees in the water, all together in one scene, intrigued me.

I contemplated the idea of which way was up and which was down. The confusion became extremely appealing and realism fed my imagination for a world away from mine.

In a moment a world became as real as real can get. And, I swear I stood on the grass, yet I didn’t.

Just seconds ago I did, but now my head was towards the grown while my feet aimed for the sky. Suspended in mid air, I smiled as I grabbed a limb near by. I waited for my mind was still trying to adjust.

I swung myself. The air refreshed me like the water from a lake. Then I looked in the lake.

I found myself being a child again.

The adult me stood on firm grown dreaming myself away from my present reality as the child in me watched my hair being lifted to the ground.

A whisper came like a wind and it said,  “Let go. Don’t be afraid to be you.”

I did.

Morning water drops, which hung at the tips of the grass, danced with delight and sparkled like stars as I flew to play, while my true day became night.




IMG_20170928_224122_740.jpgA ~ Angelic wings fall one by one

U ~ Unseen glory lingers in the air

T ~ Tunes are heard in the stillness

U ~ Unity ignites warmth in hearts

M ~ Magic exists in the morning dew

N ~ Now waits for no tomorrow

Nature ~ Where My Heart Flutters and My Cares Flee


My place of refuge

20170905_133203.jpgNature is where I go when my soul needs wings, when my mind needs clarity and my spirit in in desperate need of a higher lift.

20170907_205326.jpgChains of troubles, concerns and hurts are not only heavy and enslaving, but they are entangled with doubts, fears and lies. They do not allow breaths of joy, assurance or confidence to enter my soul.

 20170905_083007.jpgBeing out in creation, my lungs expand to the point my chest feels an ache. My shoulders relax releasing the tension from my back. And my neck straightens lifting my chin. The chains break off and my steps become light again.

What is true soon comes to view.

20170905_073032.jpgIt is then that I know I’m not alone. Evidence appear of the unseen steps beside me. God has been walking silently ahead of me. He waits for me to realize the cause of the pain, the lack of trust from the concern and the troubles of heartbreaks.

20170907_205454.jpgAt times, my eyes drown in sorrow distorting my sight. But, Gently, God wipes my tears away and a peaceful hush comes before His Spirit whisper is heard.

Like a calm wind, He speaks, “Listen, Truth will rebuild you. But be prepare for it may bring more pain.

20170905_131656.jpgBe aware, in-spite of the dangers of this world, there’s an unseen power which deceives and destroys the will to go on, allowing death to take the rotting soul.

20170905_071837.jpgYet, Hope appears to anyone who seeks the One who nature depends on.”

20170904_153708.jpgGod always meets me in nature, where I see with my heart and hear with my soul for my actual eyes and ears are limited.

20170916_114609.jpgGod’s creation is where my heart flutters and my cares fly away.


Note ~ all pictures were taken by me in Alaska, from Seward to Northeast of Palmer along highway 1.


Layers ~ The Alaskan Sky

Clouds lift my eyes to the heavens

where hope takes my cares

far from me.

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Have you ever had a day where the color of life has been washed out?

It feel as if one has no reason to get out of bed, go for a walk, take a picture, write a line or see anyone.

I‘ve had my blanched days. It matter not what colors exist around me. I can’t even seem to squeeze a drop of mellow yellow into my half-fill glass of life.

All I can do is wait and pray for the blood of color to flush back into my soul and I can feel happy once more.

20170907_054532.jpgIn the mean time, I breath and exhale as I do my duties, feeling powerless and all alone.

Sometimes, Im not sure why I go through pale days for I have no real reason to feel this way. Then a moment comes when something grater than me reveals the purpose, that it’s to understand and then help a friends or a family member when they experience similar lifelessness days.

The goodness of living out my day without color is, the desire to persevere actually grows and I become an overcomer again.

For I knows what colorful days are like and what they bring, which is much more than a reason to only exist.

It may be tomorrow, but eventually a rainbow of colors will flush into my empty soul and the purpose to love returns, empowering my will to live on.

Even thou I wish these days would never come again, I know they will. But when they come with a full force of oppression, I will bring out my stepping stones of reliance in the faith that has pulled me through knowing this day and time will come to an end.

My hope lies in the One who brings life from a seed to create beautiful color around me.

Come Change


Change is something I prefer to avoid. Especially when life is calm, peaceful, good and happy.

Who wouldn’t? Right?

Yet, I want to live well, love family and friends, and see the world. Wouldn’t you?

If I live well, I must adapt to new diets, exercise, sleep and continue to learn for my body cannot stop changing. It will not wait for me to want to eat more fruit and veggies, go for a walk, rest my tire back, or learn something new. Age waits for no one, not even the healthy, happy and harmonious people. Gray hair comes like a foreign specimen which hasn’t been call to appear. Not exactly sure how it came to me, for I know I’m still only thirty-three.

In college, when my hair was naturally brown, I could eat a large pizza all by myself. My husband can testify to this truth. When he asked me out on a date and he only ate one piece, he thought he wouldn’t be able to afford me. In those days, I ate what ever I wanted and still held my weight at a hundred pounds or less. Not true today. But I won’t go there, not now. 20170829_101727.jpg

As for loving family and friends, it’s wonderful to be around them when they agree with my point of view. But when the moods changes, behavior explodes, and choices causes disagreements, well that crystal clear lake of love suddenly has become very murky.

When my kids were young and hugged me, my soul sang, “Do it to me one more time.” But when they became teenagers and rolled theirs eyes at me, my mouth wanted to sing, “Do it to me one more time,” plus a few EXTRA words.

Now, about seeing the world, just let me chose the time, place and cost. Please don’t narrow the selection for me. Yet circumstances, which are out of my control, has a way to meddle in my personal planner and dictate where, when and how much I can spend.

Life has a way of placing me in challenging scenarios which I don’t welcome with open arms. For my hands are usually on my face holding my jaw in disbelief, or wiping my tears from the misfortune. Growth can’t stay calm, peaceful, good and happy all the time. Otherwise it will stink like a lake which never gets rained on or disturbed by the wind. Life will then becomes lifeless.

Stagnant and change can’t coexist.20170829_101839.jpg

I’ve learn to not only accept change, but to anticipate the goodness which comes out of the adversity. It does come, along with the uncomfortableness. Letting go of what once was wonderful, is never easy. Tears will drown your soul, sleepless nights will hold you captive and long miserable days will seem hopeless. In time, new growth brings a smile, soon joy returns and finally peace is found once again.

There’s always a choice, it’s call free will. I could hold on to what I had and not accept the change. The only things is, sadness will consume my soul. And, I would miss out on what lies before me, new growth. If the eyes of my heart will always look back at what once was, I can’t see the beauty or accept the goodness which is being restore to me.

My gaze must not remains in the past, otherwise, I will become a bitter person and end as a pillar of salt.