End Well


Last Friday of the Year

Be Good, Be Kind, Be patient,

Be Happy, Be thankful, Be forgiving

Be loving, Be respectful, Be considerate

End it well

For your sake and everyone around you

If you don’t think you can

Meditate and Pray

Wishing you a Happy End of the year!






Absent But Not Gone

On a frozen bench

I found my heart

It faced tomorrow

where moments

come from

While it held

Past memories

 It showed me

How there’s plenty

room for more

to materialize



It has been several days since I’ve posted anything, only because I’ve been spending time with my daughter. She turned twenty-three years-old this week and she still captivates my motherly heart.



Even though, we both would have loved to stay indoors, next to a cozy fire, we ventured out on a foggy, cold day and hiked the hoarfrost land.



When she returns to her work, in Seattle, Washington she will be absent from my life, but never gone from my heart.



I’ve frozen these past days the Lord allowed me to have with her.  In the future, I’ll take a moment, like an ice-cube, from this week, thaw it out and relive the memory of our exploration as I drink from my past.



In spite of the cold, freezing day in Anchorage, Alaska and it’s ice, slippery paths, we talked, laughed, and giggled the whole way, especially when we slipped and slid down the slanting path to the beach.20171227_155616.jpg


Here are a few  photos of her in the Kincaid park, a winter wonderland in Anchorage, Alaska. At the end are photos of a baby whale carcass. Which she wanted to see.

The young whale was washed to shore in late September. Now the carcass looks like deformed frozen stones. Once, one get’s close to the decomposing form one can see it was a whale, a spiritual being for the Native Alaskan tribes.


Mornings Bring Options

Anchorage Alaska

A new morning gives options:
•Pick-up where one left of
•Do nothing at all
•Or a new start

Each of option comes with choices:
• kind of attitude
• type of heart
• a mindset

Light of the World


What determines the end of the day vs.the begining?

If the sun light is decreasing or increasing.

What determines what is evil vs. what is godly.

If the Son’s light is decreasing vs. increasing.

White on Blue


Anchorage, Alaska at sunset
Blue beauty which sparklers in white.
There’s no need for color tonight.
The heavens have opened and
The stars gleam bright.
What use is a candle if
Anchorage is in my sight.

Posting for You, Because I Care


Posting for you, because I care.


Where ever you are and what ever you may be facing, please know one thing, beauty is around.

Find her and she will show you the way to the One who will give you what you need where ever you may be.

May Love, Peace and Joy fill your heart, soul and life

today and every day.


One word challengeCommunal;

Blogging; a communal space to encourage, assist, lift, promote, inspire, write, through concepts, drawing, painting, sculpting or photography. This community gives and receive from many artist all over the world. A safe gathering sight to interlock with one another through our craft.

Six word challenge – Posting for you, because I care.






A Christmas Story ~ Time For Peace



F: Son!

S: Yes Father.

It’s time.

S: One more star burst and I’ll be there.

In a blink the son appeared before the father, took his place and smiled.

What do you find amusing son?

S: The children.

Oh, yes, the children. What gave you delight this time?

S: Their eyes sparked with curiosity, like the birth of a new star.

Why do you suppose that is?

S: That’s how they began to fall in love.

In love? With what?

S: With Christmas and out of love from us.

Then why do you want to watch my children celebrate your birth? We sat here only a galaxy ago. I know it’s not because the angles gather and rejoice your earthly existence. For that is an ongoing exaltation.

S: Because of people like him and her and them.

What about those souls?

S: Do you see, how Charles laughs when his stubborn heart hurts?

I do. Tell me more.

S: Did you noticed what he did when he left the room and saw the nativity?

No, I didn’t, but I felt his words.

S: Yes, he called for you.

He did and the answer is being sent.

S: And Marissa, look how her heart is bursting. She too smiles as her soul drowns.

Oh, my son, I keep my eye on her.

S: Darkness is consuming her mind. It’s trying to enter her soul. Yet, she knelt and cuddled the shining star that fell on the floor from the Christmas tree.

I did see her face. And an angel will meet with her before she rests her head.

S: Now, look at the gathering of the souls. They sing with broken and malnourished spirit as they put on a show at what they call church. If only they would take me out of the manger, I will show them the spark that stole their first love. I want them to understand how it’s robbing them from joy, love and hope. Maybe, they will allow me to remove it from their heart. It’s keeping them from feeling the love we gave them and have for them. It’s the only way their spirit will be fully restored.

My son, you still love humanity as much as when you went to earth and took their form.

S: I do Father. Yet, I love them even more. I see how they are holding on to faith, sacrificing their life and suffering to keep my memory alive, all with a starving soul. Father, I’m ready. You gave them love, hope and joy. But, they’re depleting. They lack peace.

Go my son, give them your heart. You gave them your life and you left your spirit with them. It’s time to bring them home.

S: Bless me Father before I go and do war.

Beauty and Love


When I zoom in closer to Beauty, I’m engulfed by her luster. While there, her glow falls on me.

My soul releasing all cares and accept the beauty in me, which she helps me see. Before I leave, I thank her.

Not for what she helped me see, but who she represents to me. For you see, that’s what God’s love does for me.

When I draw close to Him, the shell life helped create around me, shatters. His glory and splendor baths all of me.

Mercy and grace dress me in righteousness, for I am a daughter of a King. In those moments, I see what God sees in me.

With empty hands, I embrace God’s gift, His Love for me. Before I step back, I praise and thank Him.

As I go my way, I know I am not alone for His Love dwells inside of me and goes wherever I journey.

A sunrise, a sunset, a flower or the sea will always remind me of the beauty and love which reside inside of me.