The Dangers of holding Yourself Back

Stifling Dreams Create Nightmares

20180120_153624.jpgWhat talent am I suffocating, because of what if it takes off?

What ability am I quenching, because of what others may think of me?

What inspiration am I killing, because of what if it succeed?

Stifling our creativity harms not only ourselves, but those whom would have benefited from our work.

In a sense, we are not only killing our growth by withholding inspiration from the world around us, but we are keeping ourselves in the darkness of hopelessness.

Breakthroughs from stifle thinking, not only brings dreams alive, but give light for many other souls to hope again through our gifts, talents and works.

Be creative, spread insight, possibilities and imagination.

Allow your dream to take flight.



Alaska ~ Like A Dream on Moose Pass

IMG_20180126_074429_958.jpgDriving south on highway-1 from Anchorage, the view is beyond capturing, but I still try.
It changes in minutes, just beyond the cluster of trees, over the bridge, after the next set of mountains, practically on every curve of the road.
20180126_082950.jpgBecause there isn’t always a place to pull over to the side of the road, I have to photograph from a moving car.
20180120_161537.jpgOne must be watchful and careful on this highway, it is dangerous, not only because of animals, but people and the weather.
20180125_120831.jpgWhen I see a grand scene, I photograph the view from a moving car as quickly as I can. Many times what I see before me, the camera can’t capture well.
20180126_084225.jpgOne, the grand view changes too fast.
20180125_115349.jpgTwo, light is difficult to photograph period.
20180125_120439.jpgThree, a moving vehicles with a snowy, dirty windshield causes fuzzy photos.
20180125_120212.jpgBut, I kept trying. I had to show you what I saw, because it expanded my chest wider, pulled my shoulders back, released my concerns and helped me breath deeper again.
20180125_115811.jpgOnce, I can stop. I do and then the scene swallows me whole. Nature does it every time, it reminded me of Who is actually in control and it’s not me.20180125_115637.jpg

God is Dominant.



A Photo a Week Challenge – The benefits of Looking Up

All these flower look up for their source of energy. Where do we look towards for our source of energy?


These daisies gaze up to light up together as a group. Whom do we cluster with to cheer-up and spread light?


These elegant flowers shine together as they glare up to the sky. What are we beaming about as we stare to the heavens above?



Photo a week challenge – Look up

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Anchorage Alaska


Your view froze my heart
Now, I’m stuck
And I cannot depart

How am I to fly home
For I feel, here
Is where I belong


Be A Candid Person Without Insulting

To be a candid person without insulting helps if you have emotional intelligence. Then one can speak truth without hurting someone’s feelings. Yet, the person also has to be ready to receive the truth.

20180120_143014.jpgA man held out an empty milk jug inches from the water. He stared at his truck across the road where his wife sat.

A woman came to get a cup of the natural water and said, “Sir, you might want to step closer to the water to fill your jug.”

The man placed his hand over his chest and said, “I’s sorry, did you say something to me.”

“Are you alright? You look pale. Is your heart okay?” The woman asked.

“No, I’m not alright? And, no, my heart isn’t okay. ” The man pointed to his truck. “I just learned my wife has cancer. She loves this spring water. I came to get some for her with the hope to cheer her. Maybe she will bloom a smile for me, once she gets a drink.”

The woman said, “She will smile if she can feel your happiness. Let me tell you a joke to help you release your stress.”

While the man filled his milk jug, the woman told him the joke. He laughed so hard that he over filled the milk jug and wet his pants with the spilled water.

Before the man cross the road, he said to the woman, “My wife will not only have a smile on her face, but laugh at me, not from my joy, but from my stupidity.” He laughed all the way to his truck.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

E.I. is the ability for a person to identify and manage their own feelings as well as those of others. They can walk into a room and know not only the dynamics of the group in that particular place, but can identify people and their masked feelings. E.I. people are like radars. They home in to distressed souls and are compelled to help them relax and enjoy themselves like the others in the room.

People with this IQ are very sensitive people, but they don’t wear their emotions on their sleeves. They are normally quiet, stay to themselves. At social events they prefer no more than two other individuals to be around them. Individuals with this trait gravitate to younger kids or much older people than themselves. They don’t say much and are usually happy and content.

Emotional intelligent men, woman or children can’t be around people for long or they get overwhelmed. They are private individuals. Once, they feel safe or comfortable they will talk and tell you very interesting facts and stories. Apathy along with compassion are strong attributes of their personality.

Some E.I. people didn’t learn how to manage the over sensory of emotions. Their brain becomes flooded with other’s emotions especially sadness, hurts and pain when they enter a clouded room. Therefore they become socially awkward, antisocial or extremely quiet to the point that someone who knows them will begin to speak for them. But once they leave the room, they can tell you how certain people were feeling without the individuals giving any verbal or body cues. These E.I children, teens and adults are actually reading an emotion whom they themselves are very familiar with.

Because of their ability to be place them selves in the other’s person circumstances, E.I. people can be very compassionate individuals. They feel when you are in physical or emotional pain and/or mentally or spiritually stressed.

We all have this ability. While some have a natural talent, the rest of us can acquire these skill, by practicing being aware of our own feelings and acknowledging them. Then we can understand those who are feeling the same way. It’s as if their feeling awaken a similar feeling within us. As a Christian, we are asked to be compassionate and practice apathy to all, as Jesus shows us the same extended care and concern.

If you like to learn more on emotional Intelligence click here to get started.

A Plan Without A Destination can Lead to God

A strategy is a mapped out plan to arrive at the desire destination or result. But, a plan without a destination needs no strategy, for one roams where ever one’s heart leads.

Nature helps me when ever I have a troubled soul, a hurting heart and a doubting mind. When I’m stressed, worried or concerned, a walk, a hike or a drive out in creation calms me as I spend some quiet time.

20180123_105304.jpgMy husband hands me the keys to the car and says, “Let’s go for a drive.”

When I sit in the driver’s seat, I have the privilege to go where ever I please,and there is no need for a plan. Go with the flow of what nature reveals, is the only thing I keep in mind. My heart leads me until I’m content or time runs out. It matters not where the starting point is, north, east, south or west as long as it leads me out-of-town.

20180122_230425.jpgOnce I’m on the road, I feel as if I’m on the highway of freedom.

20180122_230602.jpgMy roaming gives me choices.

If a road peeks my interest, I’ll take the turn. If animal appears, I slow down, drive as close as I can without alarming the wild animal, unless it’s a bear, then I keep a safe distance. But, if the scenery melts my heart, I’ll stop  on the side of the road, get out of the car and explore.


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In nature, it’s where my heart sings and my souls spread’s its wings.

I float away and the world disappears with its troubles while I photograph what I’ve seen, where I’ve been and what caused my spirit to soar like an eagle. Moments like these, I take time to linger for I know God’s presences is all around me.

20180123_103046.jpgA well planned strategy doesn’t have to exist to find God.

With a searching heart

God can be found

It matter not the road one is on

He will meet you

Either at a turned, or a stopped, or on the drive

There and then

His rest will come and fill you with Peace

What Lifts My Soul


In the morning, when you mind becomes fully awake, remember to call on the One who controls what you haven’t seen or experience yet today.

Then go and make this day, the best day you can. Oh, don’t allow negativity, falsehood or payback to be in your satchel. It will weigh you and keep your eyes to the ground.

When you drive by a scene as majestic as this one, your mind will not have time to tell your eyes what the heart whispered, “Raise your eye to the mountain top. For it will lift you soul higher.”

Monday Morning Pondering



In the same corner, I sit
Morning after morning
The same u-shape,
faded-orange sofa chair
holds my frame while
I stare out the same
scratched-up, dirty window

Why, you wonder? To witness
The spreading of an angelic
Light, the rising sun
Which gives me
Not only an unexplainable
Joy, but an unending hope
Then I can write

Deep in my soul I push
Personal struggles
disappointment times
And painful moments
A side to find a theme,
Threads of ideas, and
Reasons to why persevere

As the sunrise changes
It glorious colors
For anyone to witness
A poem, an article or
A short story builds
Once it’s written, I see

The colors of my struggles,
The shades of my disappointment
And the crevasses of my pain are
Mixed with joy, hope and love
Which are all tied by the grace
Of God and His loving Truth

In Trouble Times

IMG_20180121_215032_245.jpgTurbulence is like a moonless night 
Covering the good of the day, but 
HOPE is a sunrise in a turbulent day.

When trouble decides to stay, 
I keep my eyes on the horizon
Until Goodness comes my way.