A Tidbit of a Mint Treat

20180102_141222.jpgWhat a dose of a nature’s treat does to me.

Thrill – Nature thrills all of me.

Refreshment – Nature refreshes my soul

Enjoyment – Nature brings enjoyment into my heart.

Amusement – Nature amuses my mind.

Tidbit – Nature’s tidbits of delight bring my spirit hope..


I’m going to be a mint treat for anyone I meet.

I’ll be a thrill of hope and refresh a soul

I’ll give enjoyment and amusement

with a tidbit of delight

By being kind, helpful, polite, friendly, respectful


A tidbit of a mint treat

That’s what I’ll be.



20180104_110750.jpgOne word prompt – Treat


3 thoughts on “A Tidbit of a Mint Treat

  1. I missed your blog while I was away and when I came back, I realized that WordPress unfollowed a few blogs for me and your blog was one of them. But I’m glad to be back and reading your posts once again. All the best for 2018!

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  2. How sweet to find your comment. You made me smile and made my day. Glad you’re back. May our 2018 be a blast as we commune out thoughts, ideas and life. Blessings my friend. Lidia 🙂 ❤


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