Where Are You?

Sometimes is not about what is near or far

Or the sky or the ground below

But, about where you are

Funneling yourself to


Look around

Not with your eyes

But with your heart.

What do you see?

Can you paint it?

Draw it?

Sing a song about it?

Maybe write a poem

or a short insert of realism


Now that you’ve seen with your heart

Touch it with your soul

What colors will you paint with?

What grays will make the lines and curves?

What melody will rise and fall?

What mood will the words create?

What truth will you be able to say?


Remember, it’s not always about what

Is near or far, above or below

But where you are presently living

Or have you run and hide

To not be hurt or heard

PLEASE! Return


Come and create

Then, I can

See you,

Hear you

Feel you

While I take

time to be

With you



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