A Plan Without A Destination can Lead to God

A strategy is a mapped out plan to arrive at the desire destination or result. But, a plan without a destination needs no strategy, for one roams where ever one’s heart leads.

Nature helps me when ever I have a troubled soul, a hurting heart and a doubting mind. When I’m stressed, worried or concerned, a walk, a hike or a drive out in creation calms me as I spend some quiet time.

20180123_105304.jpgMy husband hands me the keys to the car and says, “Let’s go for a drive.”

When I sit in the driver’s seat, I have the privilege to go where ever I please,and there is no need for a plan. Go with the flow of what nature reveals, is the only thing I keep in mind. My heart leads me until I’m content or time runs out. It matters not where the starting point is, north, east, south or west as long as it leads me out-of-town.

20180122_230425.jpgOnce I’m on the road, I feel as if I’m on the highway of freedom.

20180122_230602.jpgMy roaming gives me choices.

If a road peeks my interest, I’ll take the turn. If animal appears, I slow down, drive as close as I can without alarming the wild animal, unless it’s a bear, then I keep a safe distance. But, if the scenery melts my heart, I’ll stop  on the side of the road, get out of the car and explore.


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In nature, it’s where my heart sings and my souls spread’s its wings.

I float away and the world disappears with its troubles while I photograph what I’ve seen, where I’ve been and what caused my spirit to soar like an eagle. Moments like these, I take time to linger for I know God’s presences is all around me.

20180123_103046.jpgA well planned strategy doesn’t have to exist to find God.

With a searching heart

God can be found

It matter not the road one is on

He will meet you

Either at a turned, or a stopped, or on the drive

There and then

His rest will come and fill you with Peace


9 thoughts on “A Plan Without A Destination can Lead to God

  1. Amen! I love nature a lot and it calms me and takes my mind of a lot things! Bless the Almighty for his creations! Alaska is such a gem! God bless you and strengthen you through it all in Jesus Name! Much love! Xx 💚🍃☀

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