Nature Is Conversant


Unseen ground roots bind my soul long enough to hear the earth below my feet whisper valuable advice. “Don’t allow the obvious to mislead your heart and react from the immediate emotion.

Take a breather, hush your thoughts and pay attention to what is not easily seen.

There is much to learn about what lies under what first is presented before you.

Don’t allow difficulties or hardships to take your focus from the earth.

For God created you from the same dirt which brings spring back with its beautiful colors to paint the world.

You are to bring color into other souls. You are free to be what you were created to do.

Believe and you will brighten souls with what you know to be true.”

Nature is conversant, are you listening.

Woes may frost my spirit, but truth melts the frost.


Don’t Need To See His Face

A Walk With My Grandson

There’s is no need to see his face to get a sense of where his mind is at, yet I do have some questions.

Does He Feel What I Feel? Seeing the wonder of fresh snow in the Northwest of America where green is greener in winter than summer, I feel a tranquility as I see the beauty of the land with my grandson.

From my point of view not his, I point out the ducks in the natural pond, who swim in the safe distance. His silence tells me he has found something different to wonder about. I pray that our walks, as a grandson and grandmother, will teach him the value of being outdoors among God’s creation.


Do I see what he sees?

From my point of view and from where I stood, I would never see what he saw. I must be by his side and at his eye level to stumble on the treasure he admired.

May one day, when I’m old, he will take me for a walk, out in the grand outdoors and feel what he feels and see what he sees. And in the awkward moments of not saying a thing, may I still be able to hear his silent vibes.


Are we truly listening to each other when we don’t say a word? Words are just sound waves of what moves the heart. Yet silence also carries wave sounds that only hearts can hear.

In his quietness, I listen to his unspoken words with my heart as I watched him and talked to my second son on the phone. One thing I know, my grandson heard every word I spoke for he later brought up the subject of his uncle possibly moving far, far-away.


The beauty of spending time with my grandson is beyond the splendor of nature my eyes will ever witness.

As we learn, we teach.

Take time out for a walk with a love one today and reflect. 

Photo Challenge of the Week: Your Weather  today.

From Nancy Merrill Photography

The Daily Post Challenge of the week:  A Face In the Crowd

Family Tree




When you see me
I may seem alone
But, I am not only one

Many parts of me exist
In each spreading branch
Which point to the heavens

As one we stand giving
Glory and praise to the One
Who made me and my family

Here to There


Tomorrow does come.
Once today is gone.

The sun does rise.
Once the night is done.

Peace is felt.
Once faith is present.

Joy does return.
Once hope fills the soul.

Be Present In Other’s Life And Help



“Until now you have asked for nothing in My name; ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be made full.” John 24:16

Sometime I feel that, “In, Jesus name I pray,” used in prayer is said as if expecting something magical to happen, instead of waiting for a miracle.

One, must understand when we ask in Jesus name, Jesus is not a magical word, instead it is a powerful word. Then, we must prepare our hearts, for the answer may come far from how it is expected. However or whatever form the answer is sent, joy does come along with peace.

I love the explanation from “My Utmost for His Highest”

“Our Lord does not mean that life will be free from external perplexities, but that just as He knew the Father’s heart and mind, so by the baptism of the Holy Ghost He can lift us into the heavenly places where He can reveal the counsels of God to us.”

We need to be so intimate with our Lord, as to be one with him, then we will not only know the counsel of God but our God’s joy will be made full in us.

This joy doesn’t come externally like our woes, troubles and tribulations. This joy comes from the peace that passes earthly understanding, knowing our Lord will help us pass through our present circumstances.

He does and he will be with us and help us.

Remember in prayer, Jesus name is powerful, but it is not a magic word.

Also keep in mind, that God answers us is many ways today. The most realistic method is through people. The relief may come through a person whom you’ve never met. These folks are today’s Good Samaritan whom are moved by the Holy Spirit to help not only by what they hear and see, but by what moves them to compassion. Luke 10:25-37

Be present in someone’s life and be a good Samaritan.

God bless the Samaritans in our lives.

Suspicious Love


Golden love
Never revealed
The rings of ice
My heart would
Feel from the one
Who loves me
By their darting
Icicle words
Dedicated this post to all dose who found the day of love, empty from broken promises.
Yet, know someone’s love never sends ice, cold darts and leaves you with broken promises, for His love for you is always abundant. God himself will take you in his loving arms and coo your hurting soul, every – single time.

Color My World ~ February 14

Where My Daydreams Become Reality

Jennifer’s Color My Wold Challenge


With a streak of melon color the sun rose below a foggy stream of clouds as I daydreamed.

Tips of mountain peeks stood out like a mystical land where I longed to be and my heart loves.

On a sea of turbulent clouds, my flight headed to a promised land where my soul sings with glee and my feet run with joy.

For my eyes will soon see, two tiny souls which my arms await to embrace their little bodies as mine swallows them whole.

There and then, my daydream will fade along with the clouds my flight left behind.

For reality will ground me where my one-year-old and soon to be three-year-old grandsons actually play and dream.20180211_001244.jpg

Foggy Morning in December


Bewildered, I roamed

In the mystifying beauty

Of the fog by the sea

My soul began to hunger

For a cryptic imaginative story

But, the fog quickly fled

With the change of the wind

And the warmth of the sun

Suddenly, the story vaporized

Leaving my heart with an ache

From an appetite for more

Secretive and ambiguous scenarios

Which only the fog can bring









Weekly photo challenge with the topic of fog from Tourmaline’s Blog

Deep In Thought


Waiting to hear a voice my ears don’t hear, yet my soul delights at its sweet tune.

Silence ~ conveyor of Truth

Smallness Baffles Unbelief

Sometimes, I just have to get on my knees to see miracles.










Photo Challenge ~ Variations