Where Did Everyone Go?


My dog died.

My friend’s cat died.

Someone’s grandma died.

Then, I died.

Yeah, really.

Death came and took me to a place I didn’t belong.

That grandma I read about on Facebook, was nowhere to be seen.

As for my friend’s fluffy cat, there were no meows of his to be heard.

Alone, I cried as I called, “Bo, come boy.” But, he never came to greet me.

Where did every one go?

The phone rang.

Sleepy I answered, “Hello?”

My best friend’s energetic voice greeted my soul like a beating drum.

It was then when I realized, I left death behind in my dream, alone.

Never, have I been so glad for a phone call to wake me and bring me back to y’all.






At times what’s
Beyond the present
Overcomes the scenario
One left behind a second ago.

An Icy Outing


Summer is on the road
Heading north on its

Soon, the icebergs will melt
But my icy experience
Is permanent

Alaska is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited or lived at. Never could I imagined, I would have found Portage Glacier changing beauty addicting. It’s as if, this place was my home and I have returned.

I’ve been here at this same spot four times since November of 2017. This glacier hasn’t seen the last of me. As long as I return to Anchorage, I will be coming to visit this therapeutic and freeing view. For the change of this exotic creation can become rapid, one never knows.

For now, while change is slow, I will enjoy its enormous sight. Alaska, has captured my heart with the wonders of its Great Land.





Icebergs of Circumstances


Cycles have a purpose.

Winter anesthetics growth to improvement circumstances.

Spring awakens growth to rehabilitative change.

Summer energizes growth to celebrate development.

Fall relaxes growth to release what hindered the improvement of circumstance, rehabilitation of change and the celebration of development.

Be ready, when the icebergs of circumstances begin to melt.

Shifting, flooding, crowding can prevent us from having a positive attitude towards growth.


Red-Beet Cold


Like a taffeta curtain, the rain fell covering the mountains in the far distance.

As It advanced and crossed the emerald green lake, translucent it became.

freezing from the harsh, damp wind, my red-beet hands contrasted against the twirling snowflakes.

Many, white, small, art pieces drifted sideways towards my left only to turn to rain again.

Enchanted, I left, but my heart wished I could have stayed.

Perfect – (A Cleave Poem)

Can You See Yourself This Way?


14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.    Psalm 139:14 New International Version (NIV)

My Daughter


The beautiful and clever artist of the poem below, Nandita, has a gift with words. If you haven’t come across her blog, go visit her work. If you enjoy poetry you will stay and scroll awhile. Have a lovely day. Blessings.

A Tangle of Weeds

  • Read the words in bold font only.
  • Read the words in italicized fontonly.
  • Read the poem (both fonts together) as you would a regular poem.

You are perfectin all your ways
Your beauty, pure without equal
Your heart opengiving love to all
Free without hesitationyou are a beautiful soul
Your mind boundlessstunning in its brilliance
Your soul, spotless, a single bright star
in the midnight skyleading me home
Your love for mea dazzling white light
I bask in its warmthso immaculately pure
I let it fill all the dark placeshidden in my soul
Casting all doubtmaking way for faith
Burning through mewith cleansing fire
Giving new lifeto an eternal garden
Once dead and graynow blossoming like never before
You have opened yourself, revealing all that you are
Trusting me withyour secrets laying yourself…

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Tuesday’s Photo Challenge ~ Don’t Trip, Please

May I not trip you from wanting to come and visit Alaska with the following images. Yes, its freezing cold on a windy, rainy, snowing day.20180428_140908.jpg

Your face and hands will turn red, like a cooked lobster, especially if you have a fair skin. Me, I just look a bit sunburn. Honestly, it will not matter, if you’re nuts about adventure.


The wild-er you are the more ground you’ll cover.



The terrain,

the mountains,

the vastness,

the enchanting beauty

will tease you

and dare you.


You will go,

if you like challenges

and you have the time.



Please, when visiting glaciers, don’t trip on the ice or slip. It will not bring any type of pleasure. It hasn’t happen to me, but it’s probably because I keep knocking on my head. 🙂 Which, I’m very thankful. Besides, it will take me twice as long as anyone else to get up since, I’m a teapot, short and stout.





on a more

serious note,

be aware,

be prepare,

be respectful to yourself, and

to those who came with you,

plus your surroundings.




Alaska is truly a dangerous wilderness where wild things sleep, eat and poop. With that said, watch your step. Especially where bears roam. In April, they are awake and hungry.


My desire is for these photos to not only astonish, but entice you to have your own adventurous trip in Alaska. I hope my words were crystal clear regarding safety in the great outdoors. Be careful this spring and summer, not just in Alaska, but in your own giant backyards.

My trip to Portage Glacier  April 28, 2018 was short because of the weather, but it was intense because of the weather. I know, I wasn’t wearing the best shoes. I did have my hiking shoes in the trunk, but I wasn’t going far or for long. My husband waited in the car as I did my fifteen to twenty minutes explorations. It was way too cold for him to join me and my crazy love for nature.

Enjoy the beauty God created as you take time to hike, walk, ride, climb, cycle or swing on the porch. God bless.

A Wild Call


My will
with fear

I’d be gone
The Wild call
That my heart
Loudly hears

One step
One jump
One climb
One day
I’ll arrive
But, not alone