When Mountains Fall Into The Sea



An insert from my morning devotional.

Living His Word

“Where do you go when it seems like the very earth has given way? When it seems like a landslide has carried the very mountains into the heart of the sea? That which seemed stable, and even eternal, breaks apart and crumbles to pieces. You begin to question your talents and abilities. You even begin to question the call of God on your life. Maybe you got it wrong. Maybe it was all a big mistake. After all, if God were in it, He wouldn’t have allowed all this to happen, would He?

Then it gets worse. It seems like the sea can’t stop churning and convulsing. It seems like one chain of mountains wasn’t enough for it and it wants to swallow even more of them. The one thing you needed was taken away and now everything else is being threatened. Real fear begins to rise up in your soul. Anxiety like you’ve never had before gets a grip on you. You try to keep it under control, but this is beyond anything you have ever experienced. It’s the challenge of your life.”

During these times of your life did the verse below ever come to mind?

“God is our refuge and strength,
a very present help in trouble.
Therefore we will not fear though the earth gives way,
though the mountains be moved into the heart of the sea,
though its waters roar and foam,
though the mountains tremble at its swelling.” Psalms 4:1-3

I pray these verses will come to mind and you believe the truth, God is a refuge, is strength and does help when the mountains have fallen to the heart of the sea.

Lord, show up, reveal yourself in a way that your peace and assurance baths not only the soul and mind, but the spirit of anyone who find themselves in roaring, foaming troubled waters. In Jesus name I pray, for your word never returns void.



Photography Captures Messages

20181021_1717591The wind quickened and the stormed continued to develop. Me?

20181021_1720411I happily drove south with my husband in the car. It was an opportunity which I couldn’t miss.

20181021_1720551No rainstorm was going to bound me indoors, keeping away from nature.

20181021_1721451The drive didn’t start out with rain. But once south of Turnagain Arm, Seward highway, heavy clouds moved low on the road onto the water and out to sea.

20181021_174528Wet terrain darkened the fall colors causing me to desire a hot drink. After coffee and a treat, I drove us back home to Anchorage.

20181021_174835With the rain pouring down and on coming cars lifting rainwater to my windshield, the view hid from my sight.

20181021_174543 Therefore, I had to stop now and then.

20181021_174637Once out the car, I not only enjoyed the beautiful scenic view, but the weather bath me as I engulfed myself with its refreshing wind and cold rain, allowing it to run down my face and wet hair on to my raincoat.

20181021_174813Then, I remembered a photographed of a leafless bush.


I ponder about deleting it as I drove.

Once home, I reviewed the photos and something told me to keep the photo of the lonely bush.

It wasn’t until a week later, that I understand why it caught my attention.

A message waited there, captured in the photo just for me only to be released at an appointed time.

My heart not only had to understand the message, but comprehend its importance in my life.

I posted the messages on the actual photo on Instagram, Facebook and here, on WordPress, as a journal to remind me where I’ve been and what life’s circumstance I’ve overcome.

Nature speaks to my soul.

In time, I’m able to write what I’ve seen, felt or heard. Many time I don’t under stand why I felt compelled to take a picture. But I’ve learned, to rust the nudge and the reason will gurgle up from my own life experience.

I hope you enjoy this short outdoors exploration. I sure did.

Blessings, Lidia.😊

Just Because


~Just because I woke late doesn’t mean I will not get much done.

I’ve planned, wrote, and created post on Facebook, Instagram and WordPress.

~Just because the sky is cover with stormy clouds doesn’t mean life will dump on me.

Friends have called, texted and messaged me speaking blessed truth into my soul.

~Just because the day is cold and gray doesn’t mean sadness will over take my heart.

Delight and assurance have been my companions to wonder in the world of creativity.

May the clouds covering your blue, sunny sky not hinder you from receiving the gifts of accomplishment, friendship or creativity in your life today or any day.

Blessings, Lidia.




Nothing Is Insignificant


Nothing of us is insignificant, nothing!

You matter.

You beautify.

You, yes, you.

You are valuable.


Once you watch the clip above, you’ll know one must go outside and roam to find treasures like this one.
Have a great fall day! Hope you find something to make you do the jig or at least bring a smile on your face. 🙂

Coming Down From On High


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Hello Friends,

I’ve been gone way too long and I miss reading your creative post. Boy, I miss you. I hope you are still blogging and creating. Me? I’ve had many ideas through out my travels  which left me dreaming. Hope the dreams will become a reality and I’ll write about them here on my blog.

Now that I will be home for a while, I’ll be writing again and catching-up with your beautiful creative hearts. I can’t wait to connect with each of you through your blogs soon enough.

The clip above is from my last flight a few days ago, from Chattanooga Tennessee to Anchorage Alaska. I slept most of the flight so these photos are only in Washington and Seattle. But, don’t worry I have photos from Tennessee, North Carolina, Canada and Alaska to show you. The last photo on the clip is from home, Anchorage.

Home will be between Anchorage and Seattle for a while since we sold our house in Vancouver, Washington in July. Which sold in less than twelve hours and we found ourselves moving out in a few weeks after we return from our travels. Our belongings wait in storage, until we decide where to buy a house. I’m still recovering from the sudden uproot and leaving my friends without having time to say, “See you later.”

There are many photos to show you and things to tell you from all my travels. We drove from Vancouver to Anchorage and boy was that fun. I would love to do that trip again. Ill tell you why in another post. I must keep in mind, one thing at a time.

For now, Ill share, I just returned from a soul, spirit and creative retreats and I’m climbing down slowly from the high. I’ve set goals for myself and plan to accomplish some before the year is over. I want to find ways to sell my photos. Maybe post cards or calendars. Plus some of my poetry, thoughts and short stories. I have a lot of planning and work to do. I can actually see the top of my next climb.

Coming down from a high, I told myself, not to stay down and do nothing, but to plan a new climb from what the last climb taught me. By not doing anything and return to my last condition that fear kept me in, I’ll be wasting a great deal of information and gifts which others creative, lovingly artists enriched my life with.

Here on my blog, I will make my blue prints through my entry posts. Hope you’ll stop by and see what I’m up too, the challenges and the struggles. Plus what is tugging at my heart. See you all, soon. Bunches of love being sent your way.

Blessings and don’t forget, bless others around you with your gifts and talents. Until next time, Lidia.

Creative Ideas With Nature and Photography

What does a leaf and a waterfall have in common?

They are unique pieces of forever changing nature’s art with an elegance of beauty and design.

When you placed them together, they expand the imagination on how to reveal a new way to see life.