When All Fails



15 thoughts on “When All Fails

    1. Tammy, God is awesomely amazing. To think at the time I took this photo, why Lord, why did you bring this leafless bush to my attention. What beauty can we see from it?Your statement, helps me not to doubt what He tells me to photograph. He will reveal the reason in time. I only need to obey and take the picture. Sending you much love and prayers. God bess you.

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      1. Yes He truly is! He speaks through the photos/His creations as well. I’ve seen a lot of times He spoke to me through nature, that’s maybe why I love it so much ❀
        God bless and keep you always dear. Stay strong and keep fighting the good fight. He takes pleasure in those who fear Him. To love God is to obey Him.
        Thanks much and I receive it in Jesus name.

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  1. Amen! I am so happy that you took this photo. I needed this today. May God continue to guide and bless you. πŸ’™

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      1. A mathematician by profession and a writer by God’s Calling. God places concepts, stories, ideas and pictures and my job is to turn them into words. That’s a challenge since English is my second language. Grammar, spelling, punctuation are tools that are broken within me, plus a few other things which come with the art of writing, But when God causes the words to flow like an over flowing river, I must find a place to write, how ever short or long the concept may be. Poetry is a fun style of writing which I’m still working in improving. Looking forward to read more of your writing. God bless you and your written work.

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