A Strip Of Beauty Gives A Sense of Purpose

A STRIP OF BEAUTY GIVES ME A SENSE OF PURPOSE 20180318_143111.jpg Life circumstances caused my husband to a go to a place he only dreamed about.  While my husband planned details, God prepared the way unknowing to the both of us.
I, personally, didn’t want to do anything with Anchorage Alaska. But, God knew what would be good for me. He knew how the beauty of this place would give me a sense of purpose which I didn’t hav
My husband and I wouldn’t be exploring such beauty without the hardships we faced. Troubles push us to move instead of sitting still, physically speaking. While Chester likes to work out, I love to roam among Alaska’s wilderness.
Nature lifts my spirit when troubles come my may and try to pin me down with distress, worry and hopelessness. As soon as I step out in the grand outdoors of Alaska, my chest seems to open and the pressure of my emotions escape.
Seeing how everything in nature has a cycle, hope refills my heart and I can return home, knowing that the present troubles of living life will soon pass.
In the mean time, I will show you what catches my eyes and wr write my thoughts. But without my family, friends and faith I would not be able to get out and taste the goodness of each day.
This strip of a photo is a part of a picture I took. This part lifted my sight away from what life brought my way. There I focused on God and how His Holy Spirit reveals the good from the bad.20180323_152032.jpg
Because of my faith and what I’ve experience, I know without a doubt that God is watching over my family, Chester and me. Without Him, I wouldn’t be here and breathing in such beauty. Which I so desire to share it with you.
Below is the whole picture I took the strip from, plus a few other’s from our Sunday drive.
Have a joy filled day and God bless you

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