Explore With Me

If you follow the stream of sunlight, it will lead you to a black, boar bear (video). He’s sunbathing out of his den. Taken at Campbell Airstrip trails in Anchorage, Alaska on 3-25-18.


Knowing I would be having this Sunday afternoon to myself, (which meant find a place for pictures) I wondered, when do bears wake up. Well, the answer would be facing me soon enough, up a tree.

I dropped my husband at his martial arts training and off I went in search of a spot with people. And, I found one. Thinking it was safe, I got out of the car and about to go for a walk, but a Filipino lady with a camera and a huge lens caught my attention. After small talk about photography she said, “Bear there.” I looked every where, but I couldn’t find the bear.

I asked, “Where?”

She said, “There.”

After the fourth time of me looking for a bear and asking her where, she pointed up to the tree and said with a chuckle “There. You not see?”

It was at that point that the huge male bear popped into my view. He was up the tree sun bathing  (video) right outside his den.

The lady then said, “Go. Around tree and see. I went already.”

Which I quickly responded, “No thank you. I’m staying right here close to my car.”

Since I used my cell phone for pictures and chose life instead of being lunch, these are the best photos I took.

It’s always good to remember to look up, but especially now that the bears are waking. I’ve heard bears can climb up trees and seen videos, but never witness one live, until this day. This bear sat about thirty above the snowy ground. A female bear had dug a four to five feet whole inside the tree and made it their winter home last year.

Well, I won’t be exploring on this trip, since I was alone. Instead, I stayed and watched the bear with other photographers and curious people.


Some photographers did go around to the tree. I would say if the tree fell, the bear would probably be in their faces.

From walking around, not anywhere close to the pros, I learned to stay on the walked path. After the first new step I created and snow above my knee, I decided to place my foot on someone else’s footprint.

My courage and desire for a better picture grew. I took my digital camera and my phone and followed the path to the photographers, took photos, recorded, then I made my way back to the car.

The bear changed position and watched me leave. I said my goodbyes and put my nice camera away, started the car, but I didn’t leave after all.



As I buckled up myself to drive off, I saw the photographers running. I looked over to the tree, got my phone, unbuckled, opened the door and started recoding (video) and snapping pictures. Well, the bear came down took care of business, and ate some snow, took a short sprint, then went back up.



Without being a bit frantic, I drove away to tell this story.

Honestly, I was on cloud nine. Because, I was so glad and thankful that this spot caught my eye and I stopped to take pictures. There is definitely something wrong with me for I wasn’t afraid, but I was cautious. Anyway, I can actually say I saw a bear squat in the woods. 🤣


Never ever do I ever want to be this close to a bear again, unless there are several photographers between the bear and me.


I sure do hope you enjoyed my adventure even though we didn’t really explored the woods, next time.