Be Present In Other’s Life And Help



“Until now you have asked for nothing in My name; ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be made full.” John 24:16

Sometime I feel that, “In, Jesus name I pray,” used in prayer is said as if expecting something magical to happen, instead of waiting for a miracle.

One, must understand when we ask in Jesus name, Jesus is not a magical word, instead it is a powerful word. Then, we must prepare our hearts, for the answer may come far from how it is expected. However or whatever form the answer is sent, joy does come along with peace.

I love the explanation from “My Utmost for His Highest”

“Our Lord does not mean that life will be free from external perplexities, but that just as He knew the Father’s heart and mind, so by the baptism of the Holy Ghost He can lift us into the heavenly places where He can reveal the counsels of God to us.”

We need to be so intimate with our Lord, as to be one with him, then we will not only know the counsel of God but our God’s joy will be made full in us.

This joy doesn’t come externally like our woes, troubles and tribulations. This joy comes from the peace that passes earthly understanding, knowing our Lord will help us pass through our present circumstances.

He does and he will be with us and help us.

Remember in prayer, Jesus name is powerful, but it is not a magic word.

Also keep in mind, that God answers us is many ways today. The most realistic method is through people. The relief may come through a person whom you’ve never met. These folks are today’s Good Samaritan whom are moved by the Holy Spirit to help not only by what they hear and see, but by what moves them to compassion. Luke 10:25-37

Be present in someone’s life and be a good Samaritan.

God bless the Samaritans in our lives.


Holding On While Trying to Let Go


When life sends harsh cold traumas, one becomes frozen from shock, unable to respond or react. Then, the ocean of emotions comes in waves, washing out certainty.

The chill waves of the situation causes the heart to shattered and the mind to freeze.

Prayer and the loving warmth of others helps the emotional traumatized soul to slowly live on.

Yet, mourning, for a family member who committed suicide is a life long process that returns like floating icebergs chilling the soul with a false sense of hopelessness.

Please, if you suffer from suicidal thoughts call for help. Know you do matter to many and you will be greatly missed.

If you complete the action, the void you leave behind will be greater than the void you feel. For the loss, of a love one, reaches many souls leaving them with an uncertainty that may never be resolved.

A reminder, sympathize with those souls who can’t seem to leave the darkness of depression and suicidal thoughts.

Reach out, help out, bring the light of hope to them. Speak positive possibilities of a better tomorrow. Let them know, while they can’t seem to hold on to hope or belief, you will, until they can claim them for themselves.

Nothing stays frozen forever, not even dark days or sleepless nights.20180125_091839.jpg


Be A Candid Person Without Insulting

To be a candid person without insulting helps if you have emotional intelligence. Then one can speak truth without hurting someone’s feelings. Yet, the person also has to be ready to receive the truth.

20180120_143014.jpgA man held out an empty milk jug inches from the water. He stared at his truck across the road where his wife sat.

A woman came to get a cup of the natural water and said, “Sir, you might want to step closer to the water to fill your jug.”

The man placed his hand over his chest and said, “I’s sorry, did you say something to me.”

“Are you alright? You look pale. Is your heart okay?” The woman asked.

“No, I’m not alright? And, no,¬†my heart isn’t okay. ” The man pointed to his truck. “I just learned my wife has cancer. She loves this spring water. I came to get some for her with the hope to cheer her. Maybe she will bloom a smile for me, once she gets a drink.”

The woman said, “She will smile if she can feel your happiness. Let me tell you a joke to help you release your stress.”

While the man filled his milk jug, the woman told him the joke. He laughed so hard that he over filled the milk jug and wet his pants with the spilled water.

Before the man cross the road, he said to the woman, “My wife will not only have a smile on her face, but laugh at me, not from my joy, but from my stupidity.” He laughed all the way to his truck.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

E.I. is the ability for a person to identify and manage their own feelings as well as those of others. They can walk into a room and know not only the dynamics of the group in that particular place, but can identify people and their masked feelings. E.I. people are like radars. They home in to distressed souls and are compelled to help them relax and enjoy themselves like the others in the room.

People with this IQ are very sensitive people, but they don’t wear their emotions on their sleeves. They are normally quiet, stay to themselves. At social events they prefer no more than two other individuals to be around them. Individuals with this trait gravitate to younger kids or much older people than themselves. They don’t say much and are usually happy and content.

Emotional intelligent men, woman or children can’t be around people for long or they get overwhelmed. They are private individuals. Once, they feel safe or comfortable they will talk and tell you very interesting facts and stories. Apathy along with compassion are strong attributes of their personality.

Some E.I. people didn’t learn how to manage the over sensory of emotions. Their brain becomes flooded with other’s emotions especially sadness, hurts and pain when they enter a clouded room. Therefore they become socially awkward, antisocial or extremely quiet to the point that someone who knows them will begin to speak for them. But once they leave the room, they can tell you how certain people were feeling without the individuals giving any verbal or body cues. These E.I children, teens and adults are actually reading an emotion whom they themselves are very familiar with.

Because of their ability to be place them selves in the other’s person circumstances, E.I. people can be very compassionate individuals. They feel when you are in physical or emotional pain and/or mentally or spiritually stressed.

We all have this ability. While some have a natural talent, the rest of us can acquire these skill, by practicing being aware of our own feelings and acknowledging them. Then we can understand those who are feeling the same way. It’s as if their feeling awaken a similar feeling within us. As a Christian, we are asked to be compassionate and practice apathy to all, as Jesus shows us the same extended care and concern.

If you like to learn more on emotional Intelligence click here to get started.

Paths of Self Discovery


Along the path you will discover that you too can flee away from danger. Listen and be aware.


When one must turn back along the path take time to reflect. Keep the good and leave the bad.

Choices exist of where to walk on any path. Either choice brought you from and took you to the same place, the uniqueness of who you are.

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge



A Tidbit of a Mint Treat

20180102_141222.jpgWhat a dose of a nature’s treat does to me.

Thrill – Nature thrills all of me.

Refreshment – Nature refreshes my soul

Enjoyment – Nature brings enjoyment into my heart.

Amusement – Nature amuses my mind.

Tidbit – Nature’s tidbits of delight bring my spirit hope..


I’m going to be a mint treat for anyone I meet.

I’ll be a thrill of hope and refresh a soul

I’ll give enjoyment and amusement

with a tidbit of delight

By being kind, helpful, polite, friendly, respectful


A tidbit of a mint treat

That’s what I’ll be.



20180104_110750.jpgOne word prompt – Treat


Posting for You, Because I Care


Posting for you, because I care.


Where ever you are and what ever you may be facing, please know one thing, beauty is around.

Find her and she will show you the way to the One who will give you what you need where ever you may be.

May Love, Peace and Joy fill your heart, soul and life

today and every day.


One word challengeCommunal;

Blogging; a communal space to encourage, assist, lift, promote, inspire, write, through concepts, drawing, painting, sculpting or photography. This community gives and receive from many artist all over the world. A safe gathering sight to interlock with one another through our craft.

Six word challenge – Posting for you, because I care.






When My Half Empty Glass Shines


Normally, I’m living with the perspective of a halffull¬†glass. It’s like this, in the mornings my glass is halffull with orange juice, by mid day its water, but by night its wine. Typically, I’m a happy, energetic and jolly woman.


In my meager moments, when life is darkly miserable and my sight is on the unfilled half of my glass and hope seems to be out of my reach, I run outside and pray.

It’s my way of placing my half empty soul by the fleeting candle light of the sun.20171215_121007.jpg

While I’m out,¬†walking, hiking or just wondering, I talk to God and let him know just the way it is down here in the dungeon of life. In time, my cares flee and my focus is off my troubles and on what is around me.

Nature always sparks with her beauty and soon what is lovely, what is pure, what is true begins to reflect and transcends hope into my half empty life.

God always meets me where I’m at. He never disappoints, for He is always faithful.


Daily Prompt ~ Meager


INHERITANCE ~ Don’t Think About It

The question, what should I leave my children after I die? enters my mind and immediately vanishes. Maybe, I didn’t want to think¬†about it.


Now with the word, inheritance bolded and in capital letters at the top of this blog, it became more than a weekly word challenge. It was a cement block. My thoughts were not moving forward to plan my writing on the subject.

I decided to take time to think and dig deep. Then one thought form. I asked my soul a question. This is what developed.

Me: “Soul, are you afraid of dying?”

Soul: “No, are you?”

Not expecting the question to be bounced back at me, it left me thoughtless for a few seconds. Soon, I acknowledged the question, am I afraid of dying? Well, no. Yet, I rather live, than to go to heaven and see God’s face.

I told my soul, “No, I’m not afraid. I’m just not ready to die. There is too much to live for.”

Then another question developed and I asked my soul, “By the way, do you know why inheritance is not allowing us to move forward?”

My soul answered, “Probably because you don’t want to face the fact that your children will not treasure what you refuse to let go.”

Me: “That was straight to the point. Do you honestly think I’m refusing to let go of those things?”

My soul: “If you don’t believe me why don’t you ask your heart. Go ahead, ask. Nothing is blocking us. Here let me wake her. she will tell you like it is, that’s if you’re ready to hear the truth. But be aware that if she senses any bit of sadness or fear, she will protect you and will help you think about something else. She will not reveal the truth, if you are not ready to hear it. If I was her, I will tell you like it is.”

Me: “Then, you tell me?”

My Soul:¬†“I’ve tried. I’m the one who reminds you. But, you allow your heart to dictate your mind and you both run away. Here, she comes,”

My Heart: “Soul, did you call me?”

“I did, Lidia needs to know why ‘inheritance’ has block our way.”

“Oh?” My Heart looked away and stutter as she said, “Maybe we should go. Let’s look at Instagram and see how many like you have on your last post.”

My Soul: “See, I told you.”

I placed my phone down, then I said, “I just looked. Now tell me what I need to hear.”

My Heart: “Well, you see, your children will not want the things that are in the house because that’s not what they treasure. They value you. But you keep yourself away from them. If you want to know the truth, which I know you¬† do, I will speak like your soul does. I’m their inheritance, your heart, not the things in your house.”

Stunned, I couldn’t respond.

My heart gently spoke, “This truth has been the least hurtful but enlightening., right?”

I nodded.

Then my spirit joined us and whispered, “The inheritance you want to leave with your kids, it’s time, making memories. That’s what you really want to give them.”

My heart said, “It is true. But, what you must leave behind will cost you the most, go to them and create lasting memories.”

I waited for my soul to say something, but all my soul did was joined us. We agreed to visit each child and make movies that will never fade.

Memories will be my living inheritance, which I chose to give each of my children and grandchildren as long as I can be involved.