Icebergs of Circumstances


Cycles have a purpose.

Winter anesthetics growth to improvement circumstances.

Spring awakens growth to rehabilitative change.

Summer energizes growth to celebrate development.

Fall relaxes growth to release what hindered the improvement of circumstance, rehabilitation of change and the celebration of development.

Be ready, when the icebergs of circumstances begin to melt.

Shifting, flooding, crowding can prevent us from having a positive attitude towards growth.



Tuesday’s Photo Challenge ~ Don’t Trip, Please

May I not trip you from wanting to come and visit Alaska with the following images. Yes, its freezing cold on a windy, rainy, snowing day.20180428_140908.jpg

Your face and hands will turn red, like a cooked lobster, especially if you have a fair skin. Me, I just look a bit sunburn. Honestly, it will not matter, if you’re nuts about adventure.


The wild-er you are the more ground you’ll cover.



The terrain,

the mountains,

the vastness,

the enchanting beauty

will tease you

and dare you.


You will go,

if you like challenges

and you have the time.



Please, when visiting glaciers, don’t trip on the ice or slip. It will not bring any type of pleasure. It hasn’t happen to me, but it’s probably because I keep knocking on my head. 🙂 Which, I’m very thankful. Besides, it will take me twice as long as anyone else to get up since, I’m a teapot, short and stout.





on a more

serious note,

be aware,

be prepare,

be respectful to yourself, and

to those who came with you,

plus your surroundings.




Alaska is truly a dangerous wilderness where wild things sleep, eat and poop. With that said, watch your step. Especially where bears roam. In April, they are awake and hungry.


My desire is for these photos to not only astonish, but entice you to have your own adventurous trip in Alaska. I hope my words were crystal clear regarding safety in the great outdoors. Be careful this spring and summer, not just in Alaska, but in your own giant backyards.

My trip to Portage Glacier  April 28, 2018 was short because of the weather, but it was intense because of the weather. I know, I wasn’t wearing the best shoes. I did have my hiking shoes in the trunk, but I wasn’t going far or for long. My husband waited in the car as I did my fifteen to twenty minutes explorations. It was way too cold for him to join me and my crazy love for nature.

Enjoy the beauty God created as you take time to hike, walk, ride, climb, cycle or swing on the porch. God bless.

Really, How Big is Life?


To grasp how big life really is, one must:

Drink oceans of understanding,
Climb mountains of insight,
Trench terrains of awareness,
Breath rivers of experience, plus
Soak -up starburst of heavenly enlightenment.

Or just go for a hike in the wilderness of Alaska.

I promise, your mind, heart, body, soul and spirit
will be drench with all the above that you
will sleep like a child, who’d played all day
and for most of the night.

My Prolific Moments With Nature


Nature is prolific, take time to observe, listen and learn.


One must cross the immensity ocean of uncertainty, before they climb the summits in their lives.

Sometimes the mounts right before us are piles made from clearing a way to move forward. Let’s not treat them as barriers.


Before distractions bloom, we should take a good look at what’s before us. Let’s not overlook the fact that, we just might be able to move right or left to avoid the distraction all together. Yes, it could be that simple.


Day’s duty flees aspiration. Sunset diminishes failure. Moments reflect past lessons. Faith restores tomorrow’s hope. Night gives a soul much-needed restoration.


A chilling wind called my name as it gently swayed the golden grass.

My soul drifted to the grassy side while my body stood on an icy road.

In no time, my body joined my soul and I whispered, “Alaska, why do you try to steal my soul? I’m already yours.”

Glimmering Glee

BACK ON MARCH 30 – It was a beautiful sunny day in Anchorage, Alaska and all I wanted was to feel the sun’s warmth as the chilled air-cooled my face.20180418_153353.jpg

Believe me, on this day, this trail was busy with walkers, bikers and cross-country skiers. Oh, I almost forgot, also man’s best friend, doggies. It was safe, yet I remain alert.20180418_152131.jpgThe peace and tranquility in the Alaska’s outdoors is addicting. I can’t ever get enough. On this day, I couldn’t wait to find a place to lose myself in. Mentally speaking.20180331_121537.jpg


The beauty this trail revealed created bubbles of happiness inside me. If I could have, I would have giggled as I twirled. I would have spun until the ground would have become unstable.

But, I didn’t.20180402_181547


I did feel drunk from the purest blue sky, that I thought I heard the spread out tree arms clap faster and faster as if to encourage me to go ahead spin and set my soul free. 20180418_152849.jpg

Even though I only imagined, my soul did become filled with glee from the glimmering snow. I felt very much like a child as I roamed, photograph and dreamed by myself, but never once did I feel alone.

20180418_152715.jpgI hope you enjoyed this place like I did.

Explore With Me

If you follow the stream of sunlight, it will lead you to a black, boar bear (video). He’s sunbathing out of his den. Taken at Campbell Airstrip trails in Anchorage, Alaska on 3-25-18.


Knowing I would be having this Sunday afternoon to myself, (which meant find a place for pictures) I wondered, when do bears wake up. Well, the answer would be facing me soon enough, up a tree.

I dropped my husband at his martial arts training and off I went in search of a spot with people. And, I found one. Thinking it was safe, I got out of the car and about to go for a walk, but a Filipino lady with a camera and a huge lens caught my attention. After small talk about photography she said, “Bear there.” I looked every where, but I couldn’t find the bear.

I asked, “Where?”

She said, “There.”

After the fourth time of me looking for a bear and asking her where, she pointed up to the tree and said with a chuckle “There. You not see?”

It was at that point that the huge male bear popped into my view. He was up the tree sun bathing  (video) right outside his den.

The lady then said, “Go. Around tree and see. I went already.”

Which I quickly responded, “No thank you. I’m staying right here close to my car.”

Since I used my cell phone for pictures and chose life instead of being lunch, these are the best photos I took.

It’s always good to remember to look up, but especially now that the bears are waking. I’ve heard bears can climb up trees and seen videos, but never witness one live, until this day. This bear sat about thirty above the snowy ground. A female bear had dug a four to five feet whole inside the tree and made it their winter home last year.

Well, I won’t be exploring on this trip, since I was alone. Instead, I stayed and watched the bear with other photographers and curious people.


Some photographers did go around to the tree. I would say if the tree fell, the bear would probably be in their faces.

From walking around, not anywhere close to the pros, I learned to stay on the walked path. After the first new step I created and snow above my knee, I decided to place my foot on someone else’s footprint.

My courage and desire for a better picture grew. I took my digital camera and my phone and followed the path to the photographers, took photos, recorded, then I made my way back to the car.

The bear changed position and watched me leave. I said my goodbyes and put my nice camera away, started the car, but I didn’t leave after all.



As I buckled up myself to drive off, I saw the photographers running. I looked over to the tree, got my phone, unbuckled, opened the door and started recoding (video) and snapping pictures. Well, the bear came down took care of business, and ate some snow, took a short sprint, then went back up.



Without being a bit frantic, I drove away to tell this story.

Honestly, I was on cloud nine. Because, I was so glad and thankful that this spot caught my eye and I stopped to take pictures. There is definitely something wrong with me for I wasn’t afraid, but I was cautious. Anyway, I can actually say I saw a bear squat in the woods. 🤣


Never ever do I ever want to be this close to a bear again, unless there are several photographers between the bear and me.


I sure do hope you enjoyed my adventure even though we didn’t really explored the woods, next time.




Where I Feel Total Freedom

Alaska, I’ve fallen in love with your splendor and the souls who call you home.

And to think, I’ve never wanted to set foot on your land.

Oh, how naive I was about you.

Only God knew, you and those who i met would be good for me.


The first time my eyes set sight on Alaska’s mountains my soul grew wings and an invisible part of me reveal herself to me as she became free.

While I’m out among Alaska’s nature, I exist, I truly exist. It’s as if I’ve been submerged in water most of my life, holding my breath and only allowed to surface one or twice a month. But here, I can breathe normal all the time. Like, I belong here. No longer do I come out to take a quick breath and go back inside of myself. I can stay out and live like I was created to live.

Now, every time I fly into Anchorage, I feel as if I’m coming home. Yet, I’ve never lived anywhere in the state of Alaska.

My heart, my soul and my mind are in perfect harmony when I’m here. If only, I could stay, I would finally not only see the whole me, but be totally free.

Every time the plane descends for a landing, I get trigger happy and the collection of photos begin. Then I become exuberant, for I know what awaits me once I’m out of the plane and in nature, FREEDOM!!!










When Evening Comes


When evening enters
A majestic view
Not one sound it makes
While the scene becomes blue

Colors become darker
And the air much colder
Reminding night approaches
Behind one’s shoulder

The coat is zipped
and a sigh is released
For the tranquil blue
whispers, it’s time to leave






Family Tree




When you see me
I may seem alone
But, I am not only one

Many parts of me exist
In each spreading branch
Which point to the heavens

As one we stand giving
Glory and praise to the One
Who made me and my family

Here to There


Tomorrow does come.
Once today is gone.

The sun does rise.
Once the night is done.

Peace is felt.
Once faith is present.

Joy does return.
Once hope fills the soul.