Close and Thought Provoking


If imperfections create unique beauty

Why do I strive to be perfect?

I’ll should aim to be good instead

In-spite ofย  my imperfections


Can create a uniquely nice me

I do like that thought much better



One Among Others


She caught my attention, yet I knew not why.

At home studying her form, I though I heard her sigh.

There, I sat and wonder, what made her shine?

She asked me, “Do yo know why I spread open to the sky?”

Wanting to know, I remain silent.

As clear as day, I heard her say, “I’m soaking up rays of where I came from.”



Gently Touch


A tear

A smile

A sigh

A wink

A giggle

A cuddle

A wiggle

A chuckle

A kiss

An embrace



IMG_20171017_081157_815.jpg(A hot papaya coneflower)

There she stood beautifully poised on a bed of flowers, as if she had twirled off the dance floor of nature.

I will name her, “Senorita” for she reminds me of a female flamenco dancer.

Her stylish outfit announced her vivaciousness to brighten anyone’s day.

The elegant, vibrant orange identified each ruffled petal of her spread out outfit. And, a touch of an electrifying yellow blended with her natural color accented her heart, enticing those who passed by to stop and admire her.

Her exuberant spirit lit up the entire garden, lifting all her other companions to her level of confidence.

If only I could bottle up her flamboyant personality, I could be like this flower to those around me.