Once you watch the clip above, you’ll know one must go outside and roam to find treasures like this one.
Have a great fall day! Hope you find something to make you do the jig or at least bring a smile on your face. πŸ™‚

Icebergs of Circumstances


Cycles have a purpose.

Winter anesthetics growth to improvement circumstances.

Spring awakens growth to rehabilitative change.

Summer energizes growth to celebrate development.

Fall relaxes growth to release what hindered the improvement of circumstance, rehabilitation of change and the celebration of development.

Be ready, when the icebergs of circumstances begin to melt.

Shifting, flooding, crowding can prevent us from having a positive attitude towards growth.


Nature Is Conversant


Unseen ground roots bind my soul long enough to hear the earth below my feet whisper valuable advice. “Don’t allow the obvious to mislead your heart and react from the immediate emotion.

Take a breather, hush your thoughts and pay attention to what is not easily seen.

There is much to learn about what lies under what first is presented before you.

Don’t allow difficulties or hardships to take your focus from the earth.

For God created you from the same dirt which brings spring back with its beautiful colors to paint the world.

You are to bring color into other souls. You are free to be what you were created to do.

Believe and you will brighten souls with what you know to be true.”

Nature is conversant, are you listening.

Woes may frost my spirit, but truth melts the frost.



What ever or who ever tries to entangle you in their cold, prickly day, remain calm, think clearly and don’t allow their circumstance to steal the beauty of your soul.

As If She Didn’t Belong

A leaf standing among the grass. Red parts have turned black as it looks like a flame.

Full of color among a sea of grassy green, her curved form stood out for anyone to see.

Poised herself tall with black and vibriant reds, as if her body was on fire or at some point had bleed.

If I had touched her, she would have crumbled, for she looked very very tired and deeply sad.

They Fall Alone

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One by one

Each lets go

Sway or twirl

They fall alone

Land they will

Solo or Clusters

Change occurs

True colors form


Someone said, “The true color of a leaf is revealed in fall.”

It’s also true of our children once they leave home.


Shine With Me

A section of a wet, red-orange fallen leaf with hints of yellow and black specks on its edge

Rain drizzled

Onto your skin

By the Light-post

Your color shimmered

Bewitched I soaked

While I fell in love

(note: I try to describe the image on my photo for a blind follower who writes fabulous poetry.)

Curled Within Myself


Insecured and damaged, I curled myself to hide and go unseen.

Protection I sought, from the ugly harm which kept coming onto me.

Alone and exposed, raindrops of life gathered about my whole being.


Heavenly light bounced from each tiny raindrop.

Sparks reflected beauty off my fragile pale skin.

Warmth soon brought worth back inside of me, again.

Playing With Color


When a section of a photograph jumps out at me, I know it wants to play what I call, dress up. Orange, was the color which awakened this setting from the original photo,

To carve time from my duties to play with my photographs is relaxing. I go somewhere where I can be alone and adjust the colors until my eye is pleased and my soul is satisfied. I’m always amazed of what pop out when the effects have been adjusted. A whole new message come out from the photograph than the original.

Below is the photo before the change. Which seems asleep to me. It needed to be awaken. It was a sleeping beauty.


I went to visit a friend in Tennessee and she wanted to see what photos I could take from her place. Her back yard was a playground for my imagination. It’s a beautiful and magical spot. I throughly enjoyed photographing her property.

Here’s the photo the section came from. When I first looked at the photo, the leaves between the trees seemed to sway. I zoomed in to take a closer look. It was then when they grabbed me and I knew I needed to redressed the photo.


It’s fall time, but the picture below, which I also redressed, gives me a feel of spring. It refreshes my soul. I envision little girls dressed in their Sunday dresses picking flowers while the boys find all the easter eggs.

Hope you enjoyed my playground.

20171008_180441 copy.jpg

A Hiker’s Dream in Alaska

Girdwood Alaska

A mountain top viewΒ at the Moose Meadow Park, in Girdwood, Alaska is an exhilarating experience. To stand at the base of this majestic mountain range will itch one’s feet to goΒ  and explore the trails in the woods.




This small town is cuddled among outdoor beauty which changes all year round. Come at your favorite time, wether be summer, spring, winter or fall, there will be something to do for all.

Do make sure to bring proper attire for the time of year. Check the weather and plan accordingly, not only for clothing but safety and for what animals may be around.


Spending the night is best in the late fall and winter, in my opinion. For the fall days are filled with magical glittering leaves when the sun shines. Then during the night, the sky lights up with electrifying auroras dancing to a silent melodious tune. Both delight the soul, especially when the sky’s are partially or totally clear.


One can stay in the Alyeska Hotel. From this resort, it’s easy hike to the Moose Meadow Park, ride the tram to eat and sightsee, fish at near by streams or ski the Alyeska Mountain. If you rather have a more home like stay, there are B&B’s and vacation homes one can rent.


20171002_191904.jpgPlaces like these, makes me wish my head was in the clouds, yet my feet must remained parallel on the grown, if I do desire to hike and explored this wonderland of Alaska.

Up in those mountain areΒ glaciers and the only way I could see them was from where I stood, unless I took a helicopter or hiking tour.

As for hiking to the top, that would take time, planning and careful watch, for brown and black bears roam wild in Alaska’s starting in spring to fall. Oh and I better not forget to warn you about moosie moosies. They can attack at any time of the year. Hide behind a tree if yo see a moose. But be on high alert in the summer when young calfs are around, same goes for those cute, fluffy looking bear cubs.

Bring your bells and whistles when you come, for they are not only for Christmas time. But, to keep you and your dear ones safe and alive, all year round. Cause one never knows if a bear forgot to wait for nature’s alarm and woke up too earlyΒ and then be found.