My Daughter’s Roses

Cees-photo-challenges-flower-of-the-day-fotd #photography Close-up flowers Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge ~ Beauty On The Ordinary

Individual petals

Soft like silk

One before the other

Carefully placed

Revealing detailed

Characteristics as

Colored petal tips

Bleed inwardly

Framing each

Developed rose

While their center

Glow with warmth

Like the high noon sun

On an late summer day

Their essences spread

An unspoken invitation

Come close and smell

What no one can ever see

Enjoy my fragrance and beauty

Before fall comes and I must sleep

© 2022 Lidia Hu


A Photo a Week Challenge – The benefits of Looking Up

All these flower look up for their source of energy. Where do we look towards for our source of energy?


These daisies gaze up to light up together as a group. Whom do we cluster with to cheer-up and spread light?


These elegant flowers shine together as they glare up to the sky. What are we beaming about as we stare to the heavens above?



Photo a week challenge – Look up

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My Christmas Cactus ~ A Thief

20180101_122015_001.jpgOh, sweetie, how did you manage to grow?

I’ve been gone for weeks and forgot to leave you a drink.

Look at you, you’re amazingly beautiful.

The radiate glow of your peddles are beyond belief.

I dare not look away, for I’ve been stricken with love.

You’ve stolen the words from my heart.

No adjectives can I find to describe your elegant form.

I’ve taken a photo of you.

Maybe, in the future, I’ll come up with a poem, a short story of hope or possibly a song.


Photo Challenge – Growth.




Be light today and make someone shine.

No words, just a smile from the heart.

Give a tender touch of kindness.

And one lasting loving look.

Gently the snow cuddles among dry leaves on a lifeless branch and rests.


Snow tucks within a dried-up stock. It bends, but doesn’t break.


Like a bride’s veil, snow glows on top of uniquely crafted dry plant.


A Dazzling Snow Flower

I stopped.

Snow captured by a flower’s remnant

She sparkled from the sunlight.

I turned.

Her glow penetrated my soul.

I thought.

A snow flower?

I gasped.

Her dried-up form stood strong.

I admired.

She held a beacon of snow.

I desired.

Her beauty after she was gone.



One Among Others


She caught my attention, yet I knew not why.

At home studying her form, I though I heard her sigh.

There, I sat and wonder, what made her shine?

She asked me, “Do yo know why I spread open to the sky?”

Wanting to know, I remain silent.

As clear as day, I heard her say, “I’m soaking up rays of where I came from.”



Gently Touch


A tear

A smile

A sigh

A wink

A giggle

A cuddle

A wiggle

A chuckle

A kiss

An embrace



IMG_20171017_081157_815.jpg(A hot papaya coneflower)

There she stood beautifully poised on a bed of flowers, as if she had twirled off the dance floor of nature.

I will name her, “Senorita” for she reminds me of a female flamenco dancer.

Her stylish outfit announced her vivaciousness to brighten anyone’s day.

The elegant, vibrant orange identified each ruffled petal of her spread out outfit. And, a touch of an electrifying yellow blended with her natural color accented her heart, enticing those who passed by to stop and admire her.

Her exuberant spirit lit up the entire garden, lifting all her other companions to her level of confidence.

If only I could bottle up her flamboyant personality, I could be like this flower to those around me.