When My Half Empty Glass Shines


Normally, I’m living with the perspective of a halffull glass. It’s like this, in the mornings my glass is halffull with orange juice, by mid day its water, but by night its wine. Typically, I’m a happy, energetic and jolly woman.


In my meager moments, when life is darkly miserable and my sight is on the unfilled half of my glass and hope seems to be out of my reach, I run outside and pray.

It’s my way of placing my half empty soul by the fleeting candle light of the sun.20171215_121007.jpg

While I’m out, walking, hiking or just wondering, I talk to God and let him know just the way it is down here in the dungeon of life. In time, my cares flee and my focus is off my troubles and on what is around me.

Nature always sparks with her beauty and soon what is lovely, what is pure, what is true begins to reflect and transcends hope into my half empty life.

God always meets me where I’m at. He never disappoints, for He is always faithful.


Daily Prompt ~ Meager