Can You Guess What It is?

Out of this world beauty created by an element of our world. 20180120_164057.jpg

Frozen water captured colors and shadows creating a reflecting, ghostly image. 20180120_164102.jpg

I often feel like this branch, reaching out to escape from hardships, but I too am too late.20180120_164001.jpg

Frozen water on the side of a mountain became a piece of art like I’ve never seen before.


Alaska just keep leaving me in wonder of its beauty and hungry for more.


Exploring the world I live in blows my mind to a world I could never imagine.   20180120_164324.jpg

How, just exactly how did this happened? I would have loved to have seen this in action. Wouldn’t you?


Alaska, you have not only captured my heart but my interest of leaning more of your wonders.