A River Of Creativity


Music creates new worlds within me.

Gradually, the piano’s soft melody pulls open the curtains of my soul and thoughts emerge from the river of ideas. Scrolls of scenarios unfold exposing the places my eyes have seen and my heart relives pleasurable or unpleasant moments.

Then, one by one, two or three concepts perform to prearranged experiences giving life to color and breath to shadows.

Impression, concepts, conviction, scheme, solution, plan, opinion, perception, interpretation, suggestion, hypothesis, and belief rush, leap or swing as the essence of a theme develops. Rhythmic heartbeat drum from my understanding giving my feelings an identity from days before.

A story, a chapter, a poem or an article wrap all of me, until the peak of conclusion has made its trademark.

Time returns, the song within me ends, and the brainstorming is complete.

Now the refining begins.