In Trouble Times

IMG_20180121_215032_245.jpgTurbulence is like a moonless night 
Covering the good of the day, but 
HOPE is a sunrise in a turbulent day.

When trouble decides to stay, 
I keep my eyes on the horizon
Until Goodness comes my way.



When a Sunset Speaks


When a sunset says, “Let me brighten the end of your day.”

I’ll prolong my hike and wait for cheer to consume me.

Then, I’ll be going on my merry way.


Good Night, from Anchorage Alaska. Have a good weekend and God bless you.


Playing With Color


When a section of a photograph jumps out at me, I know it wants to play what I call, dress up. Orange, was the color which awakened this setting from the original photo,

To carve time from my duties to play with my photographs is relaxing. I go somewhere where I can be alone and adjust the colors until my eye is pleased and my soul is satisfied. I’m always amazed of what pop out when the effects have been adjusted. A whole new message come out from the photograph than the original.

Below is the photo before the change. Which seems asleep to me. It needed to be awaken. It was a sleeping beauty.


I went to visit a friend in Tennessee and she wanted to see what photos I could take from her place. Her back yard was a playground for my imagination. It’s a beautiful and magical spot. I throughly enjoyed photographing her property.

Here’s the photo the section came from. When I first looked at the photo, the leaves between the trees seemed to sway. I zoomed in to take a closer look. It was then when they grabbed me and I knew I needed to redressed the photo.


It’s fall time, but the picture below, which I also redressed, gives me a feel of spring. It refreshes my soul. I envision little girls dressed in their Sunday dresses picking flowers while the boys find all the easter eggs.

Hope you enjoyed my playground.

20171008_180441 copy.jpg