Glimmering Glee

BACK ON MARCH 30 – It was a beautiful sunny day in Anchorage, Alaska and all I wanted was to feel the sun’s warmth as the chilled air-cooled my face.20180418_153353.jpg

Believe me, on this day, this trail was busy with walkers, bikers and cross-country skiers. Oh, I almost forgot, also man’s best friend, doggies. It was safe, yet I remain alert.20180418_152131.jpgThe peace and tranquility in the Alaska’s outdoors is addicting. I can’t ever get enough. On this day, I couldn’t wait to find a place to lose myself in. Mentally speaking.20180331_121537.jpg


The beauty this trail revealed created bubbles of happiness inside me. If I could have, I would have giggled as I twirled. I would have spun until the ground would have become unstable.

But, I didn’t.20180402_181547


I did feel drunk from the purest blue sky, that I thought I heard the spread out tree arms clap faster and faster as if to encourage me to go ahead spin and set my soul free. 20180418_152849.jpg

Even though I only imagined, my soul did become filled with glee from the glimmering snow. I felt very much like a child as I roamed, photograph and dreamed by myself, but never once did I feel alone.

20180418_152715.jpgI hope you enjoyed this place like I did.


When a Sunset Speaks


When a sunset says, “Let me brighten the end of your day.”

I’ll prolong my hike and wait for cheer to consume me.

Then, I’ll be going on my merry way.


Good Night, from Anchorage Alaska. Have a good weekend and God bless you.


A Shocking Winter

December, 2017, in Anchorage, Alaska was considered a warm winter month. And, it was. It reached 48 degrees Fahrenheit with little snow on the ground compared to previous years, while the lower forty-eight experienced winters storm like none recorded. Plus, in early January, a shocking freezing winter hit the eastern states.

20180108_021317.jpgNow back while I was in Anchorage on December 27th, I decided to take my daughter hiking to see the carcass of a young whale. The high was 16 degrees Fahrenheit. It wasn’t the temperature that kept us inside but a thick fog, which lingered most of the day.

20180112_200930-1.jpg When the sun came out we took off to Kincaide Park, only to find out the fog had not lifted everywhere. At the places where it had raised, the beauty of the hoarfrost land made everything look like a fairytale, winter wonderland. It was magical. While we were outside, it dropped at least five degrees. It was cold to say the least.

20171227_152557.jpgHere are some photos I took on our hike.

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The carcass of the whale appeared to be part of the landscape. But, the smell told you otherwise. The dead whale got washed to shore back in September. If you care to see a video of the day the whale was found click, here.




Hope the pictures or the video didn’t shock you too much.

If you ever visit Alaska in the winter, is best to come prepare for the unexpected hoarfrost weather or dead whale carcasses.

A Photo a Week Challenge: Crowd



One never knows what worlds exist if one doesn’t take time to stop and take a look.


Below my feet.

As hard as I tried to not step on the smallness of the crowed shells, crunching sounds still came from below my foot.

I came to a halt, as if I heard, “Hey, watch where you’re stepping,” and bent over.

For a moment, I saw myself like Godzilla passing through Tokyo.

When I zoomed in on my phone camera, left me in total wonder.

The scene sucked me away from my world, shrink me to a tiny size and I entered a place I’ve never seen before.

Intricate details, distinguishing colors and uniquely shaped homes revealed a beautiful world, which I was about to collapsed and destroy in one step.




Just like my steps, I must be careful with my words, written or said. Once the action of my printed words or spoken have occurred, they land in people’s minds and hearts. My words will either destroy a world or help rebuilt one.

My hope is for my words to bring healing and possibly repair a destructed life.

Let’s be careful were we trot, not only with our feet, but with our words.

Photos taken in Ketchikan, Alaska

Nancy Merrill Photography Weekly Challenge ~ Crowd

Nature helped Silence My Worried Heart

Trails of any kind beacon me to follow  their path. On this day, a partial unseen trail dared me to come. I accepted the challenge knowing I would have to be agile to get to the waterfalls. It was a time in my life that I needed nature to help me breath.

Un prepared for the terrain, my daughter and I carefully  began our decent in our sandals. We slid, jumped from boulders and walked on uneven rocky grown, until we arrive where my daughter stood.

This piece of paradise is called, “Boiling Pots of Wailuku” in Hilo, Hawaii. The beauty and magic of this place hushed away the worried voices which wouldn’t leave me be.








Peace found me, calmed my mind and heart. I sat beside my girl, worried free. God reminded me that He is not only watching over us, but also taking care of our needs. Having the load taken from me, was well worth the difficult path back up.


Daily Prompt ~ Agile

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Silence






In spite of
Rising fog
Cloudy sky
Tiny Snowflakes
The Mountain range
Peeked across the sky
While the half-moon 
Shined like a Morning star


Winsome Beauty


Absent But Not Gone

On a frozen bench

I found my heart

It faced tomorrow

where moments

come from

While it held

Past memories

 It showed me

How there’s plenty

room for more

to materialize



It has been several days since I’ve posted anything, only because I’ve been spending time with my daughter. She turned twenty-three years-old this week and she still captivates my motherly heart.



Even though, we both would have loved to stay indoors, next to a cozy fire, we ventured out on a foggy, cold day and hiked the hoarfrost land.



When she returns to her work, in Seattle, Washington she will be absent from my life, but never gone from my heart.



I’ve frozen these past days the Lord allowed me to have with her.  In the future, I’ll take a moment, like an ice-cube, from this week, thaw it out and relive the memory of our exploration as I drink from my past.



In spite of the cold, freezing day in Anchorage, Alaska and it’s ice, slippery paths, we talked, laughed, and giggled the whole way, especially when we slipped and slid down the slanting path to the beach.20171227_155616.jpg


Here are a few  photos of her in the Kincaid park, a winter wonderland in Anchorage, Alaska. At the end are photos of a baby whale carcass. Which she wanted to see.

The young whale was washed to shore in late September. Now the carcass looks like deformed frozen stones. Once, one get’s close to the decomposing form one can see it was a whale, a spiritual being for the Native Alaskan tribes.


Explore With Me – 2017 Favorites

In my travels, I get to see many wonderful places and exquisite beauty. These photos are just a few. Follow me on Instagram if you like to see more.

Point Wilson Light house -Fort Worden State Park
Port Townsend, Washington
Silverdale, Washington
Brownsville, Washington
Anchorage, Alaska
Ketchikan, Alaska


Far Yet Close


The mountains scale down the size of the cabins and pin point our next stop.

My first snow excursion in Alaska. A taste of winter delight. If only I had brought some wine, it would have been the cherry on a perfect day.

At The Edge Of Height

20171015_150407.jpgI stand at the edge of height, not for the thrill or to jump, but to see how far I’ve come. Besides, the view is much different looking down, than up.

When one is at the bottom of a canyon, a mountain, or life, the focus may fall on the difficulties, challenges and at time impossibilities as one works their way up. Finding a passage to higher ground, doesn’t always seem achievable. Many times giving up, is an option, which I refuse to take.

The Grand Canyon beckons me to the tip of where I can stand. My husband is always close by.  At times, he holds me by the back of my pants to make sure I don’t take another step.

It’s not that I want the risk, but a part of me wants to become what I see. I long to be a hawk, an eagle or any bird and soar through the canyons. A desire builds in me to hear the wind resonate the tonal sounds of the canyons as they sing. Imagining to be one with nature in this form, frees me and helps me see life from a different point of view, from accomplishments.20171015_150601.jpg

When realism returns to me, I sit and admire the canyon’s design and envy the crows flying by. To watch the colors of these rocks change from sunrise to sunset, a breath of life enters my soul and spirit. I can then relax and recall, God is present.

To study their cavities and realize their differences, they point to my own uniqueness. For many times I’m like many ladies, a wife, a mom, a daughter, a teacher. I’m a person who lines up with other women under many different categories. Like others, my oneness becomes hard to find.

At the edge, I’m reminded by the Creator of my design, why I exist and the reason of  why I stand alone. I shouldn’t be sad or mad or lonely. For the spot of where I stand is for a specific purpose, for a short time and for limited space.

Unlike the canyon’s crevasses, which remain in their spot, I’m privileged, for I choose my place to stand. My Creator showed me, how I am like a bird. I can fly any where and land on any spot, yet I will stand with only me.

As I think, I’m never alone, a small voice tells me, “you feel alone.”

It’s not about being alone, or the sense of loneliness, but being who I was created to be. Visiting the Grand Canyon, made me well aware of the fact, I’m the only one who occupies this specific spot at this exact time for a particular task. The reason has been, and will be, revealed when it’s time for me to take a stand.

Standing at the edge of height refuels the truth of my uniqueness, my oneness, my me.

Once I turned and faced my husband, immediately I knew, I didn’t get to where I am, alone.