Perfect – (A Cleave Poem)

Can You See Yourself This Way?


14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.    Psalm 139:14 New International Version (NIV)

My Daughter


The beautiful and clever artist of the poem below, Nandita, has a gift with words. If you haven’t come across her blog, go visit her work. If you enjoy poetry you will stay and scroll awhile. Have a lovely day. Blessings.

A Tangle of Weeds

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You are perfectin all your ways
Your beauty, pure without equal
Your heart opengiving love to all
Free without hesitationyou are a beautiful soul
Your mind boundlessstunning in its brilliance
Your soul, spotless, a single bright star
in the midnight skyleading me home
Your love for mea dazzling white light
I bask in its warmthso immaculately pure
I let it fill all the dark placeshidden in my soul
Casting all doubtmaking way for faith
Burning through mewith cleansing fire
Giving new lifeto an eternal garden
Once dead and graynow blossoming like never before
You have opened yourself, revealing all that you are
Trusting me withyour secrets laying yourself…

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Monday Morning Pondering



In the same corner, I sit
Morning after morning
The same u-shape,
faded-orange sofa chair
holds my frame while
I stare out the same
scratched-up, dirty window

Why, you wonder? To witness
The spreading of an angelic
Light, the rising sun
Which gives me
Not only an unexplainable
Joy, but an unending hope
Then I can write

Deep in my soul I push
Personal struggles
disappointment times
And painful moments
A side to find a theme,
Threads of ideas, and
Reasons to why persevere

As the sunrise changes
It glorious colors
For anyone to witness
A poem, an article or
A short story builds
Once it’s written, I see

The colors of my struggles,
The shades of my disappointment
And the crevasses of my pain are
Mixed with joy, hope and love
Which are all tied by the grace
Of God and His loving Truth

Alaska’s Solstice Sunrise


Morning unveiled an elegant cold fire gown across the Alaskan Sky.

In no time, Day began and Sky placed its winter, silvery-gray cloud coat back on.

Night rushed on the scene, stole Sky’s coat, exposing  Sky’s naked dar-blue depth.

Stars twinkled announcing, Tomorrow brings a new gown and all Alaskans will witness the glow of the Alaskan Sky again.





At Times


Clouds linger on the ground.

Among their fog, I exist

alone and at a loss.


It never fails.

When the clouds lift,

loving hearts do appear.


As If She Didn’t Belong

A leaf standing among the grass. Red parts have turned black as it looks like a flame.

Full of color among a sea of grassy green, her curved form stood out for anyone to see.

Poised herself tall with black and vibriant reds, as if her body was on fire or at some point had bleed.

If I had touched her, she would have crumbled, for she looked very very tired and deeply sad.

They Fall Alone

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One by one

Each lets go

Sway or twirl

They fall alone

Land they will

Solo or Clusters

Change occurs

True colors form


Someone said, “The true color of a leaf is revealed in fall.”

It’s also true of our children once they leave home.


Shine With Me

A section of a wet, red-orange fallen leaf with hints of yellow and black specks on its edge

Rain drizzled

Onto your skin

By the Light-post

Your color shimmered

Bewitched I soaked

While I fell in love

(note: I try to describe the image on my photo for a blind follower who writes fabulous poetry.)

Curled Within Myself


Insecured and damaged, I curled myself to hide and go unseen.

Protection I sought, from the ugly harm which kept coming onto me.

Alone and exposed, raindrops of life gathered about my whole being.


Heavenly light bounced from each tiny raindrop.

Sparks reflected beauty off my fragile pale skin.

Warmth soon brought worth back inside of me, again.

A Snowy River’s Heart

Palmer, Alaska

It’s twenty-six degrees, calm and delightful.
Why don’t you stay until Chill or Darkness comes along.

If I’ll tell you a secret, will you keep company the part of me that’s on the way?

Wait, hear me out.

Many come but very few get to know me. They find me cold and impersonal.

But really I’m not. The coldness is not even mine. It belongs to Snowy and Icy. They cause this bitter cold within me.

As for being impersonal, they should give me a break. I don’t even have a face to call my own. That’s why I mirror everyone’s form.

Maybe that’s my mistake, taking an identity which wasn’t my own.

Well now you know the secret I’ve carried for so long.

Close and Thought Provoking


If imperfections create unique beauty

Why do I strive to be perfect?

I’ll should aim to be good instead

In-spite of  my imperfections


Can create a uniquely nice me

I do like that thought much better