Be A Winter Flowing River


As long as water is able to move or come from a hot spring in harsh winter, it will not freeze solid and will serve its purpose for the elements and the wild life.

When I’m set with only my options and there’s no carrying warmth in my heart for change, my thinking becomes frozen.

I will then be a person, who no one will want to come and spend time with me.

As long as I keep my thoughts like a river, trickling during harsh, cold relationships, I’m more incline to be patient, kind and compassionate even when I don’t see eye to eye on the subject.

Respecting the differences of others helps me move on with peace

Is it easy? No, not really. But I care and love the individual too much to freeze over and keep them out of my life and heart.

Love leaves a part in my heart open for heavenly reflection on how to treat others.

For, I too want to be treated respectfully when others don’t see or agree with my thoughts or ways.

Life is harsh, but I don’t have to allow living this life to make me harsh. I do have a choice. With God’s grace and mercy my river of love keeps flowing.


A Snowy River’s Heart

Palmer, Alaska

It’s twenty-six degrees, calm and delightful.
Why don’t you stay until Chill or Darkness comes along.

If I’ll tell you a secret, will you keep company the part of me that’s on the way?

Wait, hear me out.

Many come but very few get to know me. They find me cold and impersonal.

But really I’m not. The coldness is not even mine. It belongs to Snowy and Icy. They cause this bitter cold within me.

As for being impersonal, they should give me a break. I don’t even have a face to call my own. That’s why I mirror everyone’s form.

Maybe that’s my mistake, taking an identity which wasn’t my own.

Well now you know the secret I’ve carried for so long.