Icebergs of Circumstances


Cycles have a purpose.

Winter anesthetics growth to improvement circumstances.

Spring awakens growth to rehabilitative change.

Summer energizes growth to celebrate development.

Fall relaxes growth to release what hindered the improvement of circumstance, rehabilitation of change and the celebration of development.

Be ready, when the icebergs of circumstances begin to melt.

Shifting, flooding, crowding can prevent us from having a positive attitude towards growth.



A Photo a Week Challenge – The benefits of Looking Up

All these flower look up for their source of energy. Where do we look towards for our source of energy?


These daisies gaze up to light up together as a group. Whom do we cluster with to cheer-up and spread light?


These elegant flowers shine together as they glare up to the sky. What are we beaming about as we stare to the heavens above?



Photo a week challenge – Look up

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