Coming Down From On High


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Hello Friends,

I’ve been gone way too long and I miss reading your creative post. Boy, I miss you. I hope you are still blogging and creating. Me? I’ve had many ideas through out my travelsĀ  which left me dreaming. Hope the dreams will become a reality and I’ll write about them here on my blog.

Now that I will be home for a while, I’ll be writing again and catching-up with your beautiful creative hearts. I can’t wait to connect with each of you through your blogs soon enough.

The clip above is from my last flight a few days ago, from Chattanooga Tennessee to Anchorage Alaska. I slept most of the flight so these photos are only in Washington and Seattle. But, don’t worry I have photos from Tennessee, North Carolina, Canada and Alaska to show you. The last photo on the clip is from home, Anchorage.

Home will be between Anchorage and Seattle for a while since we sold our house in Vancouver, Washington in July. Which sold in less than twelve hours and we found ourselves moving out in a few weeks after we return from our travels. Our belongings wait in storage, until we decide where to buy a house. I’m still recovering from the sudden uproot and leaving my friends without having time to say, “See you later.”

There are many photos to show you and things to tell you from all my travels. We drove from Vancouver to Anchorage and boy was that fun. I would love to do that trip again. Ill tell you why in another post. I must keep in mind, one thing at a time.

For now, Ill share, I just returned from a soul, spirit and creative retreats and I’m climbing down slowly from the high. I’ve set goals for myself and plan to accomplish some before the year is over. I want to find ways to sell my photos. Maybe post cards or calendars. Plus some of my poetry, thoughts and short stories. I have a lot of planning and work to do. I can actually see the top of my next climb.

Coming down from a high, I told myself, not to stay down and do nothing, but to plan a new climb from what the last climb taught me. By not doing anything and return to my last condition that fear kept me in, I’ll be wasting a great deal of information and gifts which others creative, lovingly artists enriched my life with.

Here on my blog, I will make my blue prints through my entry posts. Hope you’ll stop by and see what I’m up too, the challenges and the struggles. Plus what is tugging at my heart. See you all, soon. Bunches of love being sent your way.

Blessings and don’t forget, bless others around you with your gifts and talents. Until next time, Lidia.