Nature Brings Healing

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When a Sunset Speaks


When a sunset says, “Let me brighten the end of your day.”

I’ll prolong my hike and wait for cheer to consume me.

Then, I’ll be going on my merry way.


Good Night, from Anchorage Alaska. Have a good weekend and God bless you.



Weathered Images

An Intriguing Get Through Bridge
Uprooted Yet Overcame
Perfectly Survived
In Pieces But HardenΒ 

Photo Challenge ~ Weathered

A Lady


πŸ‚A LADYπŸ‚

The tree’s unique shape caused me stop, look up and capture the flow of its branches.

It was then when I felt someone looking down at me.
Focused on the top of the tree trunk a shape began to form.

A branch with it numerous fingers reached down and touched me.

There, in that moment a spark caused me to see her and feel the love she had for those who passed by.

Without words, I understood, she was happy where she had been planted as she stood tall with pride.

Eagerly, she cleaned the air for all to breath, even though many will never thank her for they don’t see her, as a lady.




The complexity of the view of a lake, the trees around the water and the reflection of the trees in the water, all together in one scene, intrigued me.

I contemplated the idea of which way was up and which was down. The confusion became extremely appealing and realism fed my imagination for a world away from mine.

In a moment a world became as real as real can get. And, I swear I stood on the grass, yet I didn’t.

Just seconds ago I did, but now my head was towards the grown while my feet aimed for the sky. Suspended in mid air, I smiled as I grabbed a limb near by. I waited for my mind was still trying to adjust.

I swung myself. The air refreshed me like the water from a lake. Then I looked in the lake.

I found myself being a child again.

The adult me stood on firm grown dreaming myself away from my present reality as the child in me watched my hair being lifted to the ground.

A whisper came like a wind and it said, Β “Let go. Don’t be afraid to be you.”

I did.

Morning water drops, which hung at the tips of the grass, danced with delight and sparkled like stars as I flew to play, while my true day became night.



IMG_20170928_224122_740.jpgA ~ Angelic wings fall one by one

U ~ Unseen glory lingers in the air

T ~ Tunes are heard in the stillness

U ~ Unity ignites warmth in hearts

M ~ Magic exists in the morning dew

N ~ Now waits for no tomorrow