To Restart Is It A Redo?

20180211_002259.jpgWhen a new day comes, we can’t honestly restart our life?

Things we’ve started, then stop or quit and go back to attempt to do again, doesn’t mean we return to  the exact place where the plan began.

Wait a minute, did the question, “What is she talking about?” dart through your mind?

Think about it for a minute, maybe a bit longer, speaking literally no one can really restart to the beginning of anything, unless they go back in time.

A restart, refers to going to where one was and redo what one did with the assumption of what has been done will now work.

But why redo something, unless it wasn’t good enough in the first place.

Anyway, one can’t go back to the beginning and start from scratch because, we, you and me, have gain knowledge and experience and the formula has actually changed.

All I’m trying to say is, a restart is actually a new beginning at a different time and place in the future.

When you wake don’t return to your old ways. Instead, begin the day with a new start not a restart.



Color My World ~ February 14

Where My Daydreams Become Reality

Jennifer’s Color My Wold Challenge


With a streak of melon color the sun rose below a foggy stream of clouds as I daydreamed.

Tips of mountain peeks stood out like a mystical land where I longed to be and my heart loves.

On a sea of turbulent clouds, my flight headed to a promised land where my soul sings with glee and my feet run with joy.

For my eyes will soon see, two tiny souls which my arms await to embrace their little bodies as mine swallows them whole.

There and then, my daydream will fade along with the clouds my flight left behind.

For reality will ground me where my one-year-old and soon to be three-year-old grandsons actually play and dream.20180211_001244.jpg

Weathered Images

An Intriguing Get Through Bridge
Uprooted Yet Overcame
Perfectly Survived
In Pieces But Harden 

Photo Challenge ~ Weathered

White on Blue


Anchorage, Alaska at sunset
Blue beauty which sparklers in white.
There’s no need for color tonight.
The heavens have opened and
The stars gleam bright.
What use is a candle if
Anchorage is in my sight.

Posting for You, Because I Care


Posting for you, because I care.


Where ever you are and what ever you may be facing, please know one thing, beauty is around.

Find her and she will show you the way to the One who will give you what you need where ever you may be.

May Love, Peace and Joy fill your heart, soul and life

today and every day.


One word challengeCommunal;

Blogging; a communal space to encourage, assist, lift, promote, inspire, write, through concepts, drawing, painting, sculpting or photography. This community gives and receive from many artist all over the world. A safe gathering sight to interlock with one another through our craft.

Six word challenge – Posting for you, because I care.






Shapes With Memories Can Be Fun

Leaves, mushrooms, a spill or shadows are some sort of shape. Each item sends a signal to our brain and a connection to a memory is made.

What do these photos remind you of? Here’s what they bring to my mind.

Autumn Leaves are colorful un even diamonds.


These mushrooms are a pile of rubbery bicycle tires.


The oil spill, totally looks like a heart.


The rectangular shadows on the bridge brings back the desire of a hopscotch game. 


Leave a comment if you like, of what came to mind when you saw one of these photos.

Next time you are out walking or hiking, check for shapes and see what they pull out of your past. You may end up playing a game of hopscotch. You just never know.