Photography Captures Messages

20181021_1717591The wind quickened and the stormed continued to develop. Me?

20181021_1720411I happily drove south with my husband in the car. It was an opportunity which I couldn’t miss.

20181021_1720551No rainstorm was going to bound me indoors, keeping away from nature.

20181021_1721451The drive didn’t start out with rain. But once south of Turnagain Arm, Seward highway, heavy clouds moved low on the road onto the water and out to sea.

20181021_174528Wet terrain darkened the fall colors causing me to desire a hot drink. After coffee and a treat, I drove us back home to Anchorage.

20181021_174835With the rain pouring down and on coming cars lifting rainwater to my windshield, the view hid from my sight.

20181021_174543Β Therefore, I had to stop now and then.

20181021_174637Once out the car, I not only enjoyed the beautiful scenic view, but the weather bath me as I engulfed myself with its refreshing wind and cold rain, allowing it to run down my face and wet hair on to my raincoat.

20181021_174813Then, I remembered a photographed of a leafless bush.


I ponder about deleting it as I drove.

Once home, I reviewed the photos and something told me to keep the photo of the lonely bush.

It wasn’t until a week later, that I understand why it caught my attention.

A message waited there, captured in the photo just for me only to be released at an appointed time.

My heart not only had to understand the message, but comprehend its importance in my life.

I posted the messages on the actual photo on Instagram, Facebook and here, on WordPress, as a journal to remind me where I’ve been and whatΒ life’s circumstance I’ve overcome.

Nature speaks to my soul.

In time, I’m able to write what I’ve seen, felt or heard. Many time I don’t under stand why I felt compelled to take a picture. But I’ve learned, to rust the nudge and the reason will gurgle up from my own life experience.

I hope you enjoy this short outdoors exploration. I sure did.

Blessings, Lidia.😊


Creative Ideas With Nature and Photography

What does a leaf and a waterfall have in common?

They are unique pieces of forever changing nature’s art with an elegance of beauty and design.

When you placed them together, they expand the imagination on how to reveal a new way to see life.



Worlds Under My Feet

IMG_20180429_001501_410.jpgβ˜„UNDER MY FEETβ˜„Β°
Like footprints,
Bones wrapped
In lace, appeared
As If a gift
Been left
For me
To unearth
By photo edits.

Strange things
Air bubbles
Make when
Caught by
Drastic fallen
In moving

Next time,
You discover
The gift from
Mother nature
Your feet
Before it’s
Forever gone

IMG_20180428_082707_132.jpgβ˜„UNDER MY FEETβ˜„
Frozen beauty
Captivated me
Wishing a
Near me
Not to see
Life or
Death, but
Patters and
Created by
And time

IMG_20180427_153416_101.jpgΒ UNDER MY FEETβ˜„

My eyes
To my feet
An inconspicuous
Frozen world existed
unbeknownst to me.
My slippery path
An intangible Voice
cried-out, “Photograph me.”
Editing light
Contrast and color,
My heart skip a beat,
Slowly, hidden Galaxies
Revealed themselves to me.

Close and Personal

IMG_20180425_002659_199.jpgπŸ‚CLOSE AND PERSONALπŸ‚
The snow will melt
The leaf will blow
The new buds will grow

I must ask,
What change
will occur in me?

About you,
Are you ready to
Let go and mature?



Captured by the wind of doubt leaves one stuck between timidity and distrust.

Get close and see, not the leaf; but yourself. You have much to offer where you exist.

Much like these stuck leafs, they’re a piece of art to be admired – where they’ve landed.




Curled, we

Often hide

Embarrass self

Our ins and outs

Ups and downs

Seen and unseen

All in all

Right side or reverse

It’s what makes us

PerfectlyΒ unique

Let’s be grateful

Instead of shameful

Life’s experiences

Good or bad

Can become

Valuable jewels

Once polished


My Prolific Moments With Nature


Nature is prolific, take time to observe, listen and learn.


One must cross the immensity ocean of uncertainty, before they climb the summits in their lives.

Sometimes the mounts right before us are piles made from clearing a way to move forward. Let’s not treat them as barriers.


Before distractions bloom, we should take a good look at what’s before us. Let’s not overlook the fact that, we just might be able to move right or left to avoid the distraction all together. Yes, it could be that simple.


Day’s duty flees aspiration. Sunset diminishes failure.Β Moments reflect past lessons. Faith restores tomorrow’s hope. Night gives a soul much-needed restoration.


A chilling wind called my name as it gently swayed the golden grass.

My soul drifted to the grassy side while my body stood on an icy road.

In no time, my body joined my soul and I whispered, “Alaska, why do you try to steal my soul? I’m already yours.”

Believe in Miracles


BELIEVE IN MIRACLES – Ask for a miracle, then expect for God to give whatever Jesus asks on your behalf. Keep in mind, miracles come for others to believe.

“Lord,” Martha said to Jesus, “if you had been here, my brother would not have died. But I know that even now God will give you whatever you ask.”

Jesus said to her, “Your brother will rise again.”

Will you believe like Martha did?

WARNING ~ Nature Humbles


Keep in mind, once you cross, you must return with less. Otherwise, how else will you be able to fit through that small passage and come back?

Seriously, being out in nature can help shrinks problems, lessens troubles, relieves tension, plus reduce our waist line, if we adjusts our perspectives.

WARNING! Being out in the wild-of-less, it’s a humbling experience.

Nature Brings Healing

Continue reading Nature Brings Healing

Nature Is Conversant


Unseen ground roots bind my soul long enough to hear the earth below my feet whisper valuable advice. “Don’t allow the obvious to mislead your heart and react from the immediate emotion.

Take a breather, hush your thoughts and pay attention to what is not easily seen.

There is much to learn about what lies under what first is presented before you.

Don’t allow difficulties or hardships to take your focus from the earth.

For God created you from the same dirt which brings spring back with its beautiful colors to paint the world.

You are to bring color into other souls. You are free to be what you were created to do.

Believe and you will brighten souls with what you know to be true.”

Nature is conversant, are you listening.

Woes may frost my spirit, but truth melts the frost.

Don’t Need To See His Face

A Walk With My Grandson

There’s is no need to see his face to get a sense of where his mind is at, yet I do have some questions.

Does He Feel What I Feel?Β Seeing the wonder of fresh snow in the Northwest of America where green is greener in winter than summer, I feel a tranquility as I see the beauty of the land with my grandson.

From my point of view not his, I point out the ducks in the natural pond, who swim in the safe distance. His silence tells me he has found something different to wonder about. I pray that our walks, as a grandson and grandmother, will teach him the value of being outdoors among God’s creation.


Do I see what he sees?

From my point of view and from where I stood, I would never see what he saw. I must be by his side and at his eye level to stumble on the treasure he admired.

May one day, when I’m old, he will take me for a walk, out in the grand outdoors and feel what he feels and see what he sees. And in the awkward moments of not saying a thing, may I still be able to hear his silent vibes.


Are we truly listening to each other when we don’t say a word?Β Words are just sound waves of what moves the heart. Yet silence also carries wave sounds that only hearts can hear.

In his quietness, I listen to his unspoken words with my heart as I watched him and talked to my second son on the phone. One thing I know, my grandson heard every word I spoke for he later brought up the subject of his uncle possibly moving far, far-away.


The beauty of spending time with my grandson is beyond the splendor of nature my eyes will ever witness.

As we learn, we teach.

Take time out for a walk with a love one today and reflect.Β 

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