A Heavenly Illumination

With the sun behind me and covered by snowing clouds, this photo caused me to ponder. where did this light come from? It reassured me of my belief of, I’m never alone.
And God will provide rest for you who are being persecuted and also for us when the Lord Jesus appears from Heaven. 2 Thessalonians 1:7 NLT
Do you believe in what can’t be seen or explain? Are you expecting miracles today or in 2019? Will your heart belief when Jesus appears from Heaven to bless you with his Light and gift you with a miracle?
Low to the earth
and behind me
the unseen sun
traveled its course
Heavy snow clouds
released snowflakes
coating everything
in me with glee
Something pulled my soul
to the trees before me
Peace, joy swirled with my glee
setting me totally free.
At home, happy as I could be
I looked over my photos
In unbelief, I stared at
the illuminated sky.
A light had shined
before my very own eyes
which I had no clue
it had even existed
Girdwood, Alaska 12-16-18 around 3:30 p.m.

Creative Ideas With Nature and Photography

What does a leaf and a waterfall have in common?

They are unique pieces of forever changing nature’s art with an elegance of beauty and design.

When you placed them together, they expand the imagination on how to reveal a new way to see life.



The Majesty of Nature



When the view is this pristine, its beauty runs through my veins bringing life into my heart, tugging my spirit and awakening my soul.

Suddenly, I, the me inside, can finally breath deep as I stretch my spirit to the heavens yawning my worry away from my soul to the only One who is in control.

Go Ahead be Green ~It’s a sing of new growth



Illumination comes when a source of Light shines in the crevasses of our heart exposing narrow thinking, shallow ways and stubborn blocks.

Once a heart’s change has occurred the greens of growth will be brightly seen.


La iluminación llega cuando una fuente de Luz brilla en las grietas de nuestro corazón y expone el pensamiento angosto, las formas superficiales y los bloques obstinados.

Una vez que ha ocurrido un cambio en el corazón, los verdes del crecimiento se verán brillantemente.




Explore With Me

If you follow the stream of sunlight, it will lead you to a black, boar bear (video). He’s sunbathing out of his den. Taken at Campbell Airstrip trails in Anchorage, Alaska on 3-25-18.


Knowing I would be having this Sunday afternoon to myself, (which meant find a place for pictures) I wondered, when do bears wake up. Well, the answer would be facing me soon enough, up a tree.

I dropped my husband at his martial arts training and off I went in search of a spot with people. And, I found one. Thinking it was safe, I got out of the car and about to go for a walk, but a Filipino lady with a camera and a huge lens caught my attention. After small talk about photography she said, “Bear there.” I looked every where, but I couldn’t find the bear.

I asked, “Where?”

She said, “There.”

After the fourth time of me looking for a bear and asking her where, she pointed up to the tree and said with a chuckle “There. You not see?”

It was at that point that the huge male bear popped into my view. He was up the tree sun bathing  (video) right outside his den.

The lady then said, “Go. Around tree and see. I went already.”

Which I quickly responded, “No thank you. I’m staying right here close to my car.”

Since I used my cell phone for pictures and chose life instead of being lunch, these are the best photos I took.

It’s always good to remember to look up, but especially now that the bears are waking. I’ve heard bears can climb up trees and seen videos, but never witness one live, until this day. This bear sat about thirty above the snowy ground. A female bear had dug a four to five feet whole inside the tree and made it their winter home last year.

Well, I won’t be exploring on this trip, since I was alone. Instead, I stayed and watched the bear with other photographers and curious people.


Some photographers did go around to the tree. I would say if the tree fell, the bear would probably be in their faces.

From walking around, not anywhere close to the pros, I learned to stay on the walked path. After the first new step I created and snow above my knee, I decided to place my foot on someone else’s footprint.

My courage and desire for a better picture grew. I took my digital camera and my phone and followed the path to the photographers, took photos, recorded, then I made my way back to the car.

The bear changed position and watched me leave. I said my goodbyes and put my nice camera away, started the car, but I didn’t leave after all.



As I buckled up myself to drive off, I saw the photographers running. I looked over to the tree, got my phone, unbuckled, opened the door and started recoding (video) and snapping pictures. Well, the bear came down took care of business, and ate some snow, took a short sprint, then went back up.



Without being a bit frantic, I drove away to tell this story.

Honestly, I was on cloud nine. Because, I was so glad and thankful that this spot caught my eye and I stopped to take pictures. There is definitely something wrong with me for I wasn’t afraid, but I was cautious. Anyway, I can actually say I saw a bear squat in the woods. 🤣


Never ever do I ever want to be this close to a bear again, unless there are several photographers between the bear and me.


I sure do hope you enjoyed my adventure even though we didn’t really explored the woods, next time.




When a Sunset Speaks


When a sunset says, “Let me brighten the end of your day.”

I’ll prolong my hike and wait for cheer to consume me.

Then, I’ll be going on my merry way.


Good Night, from Anchorage Alaska. Have a good weekend and God bless you.


A Shocking Winter

December, 2017, in Anchorage, Alaska was considered a warm winter month. And, it was. It reached 48 degrees Fahrenheit with little snow on the ground compared to previous years, while the lower forty-eight experienced winters storm like none recorded. Plus, in early January, a shocking freezing winter hit the eastern states.

20180108_021317.jpgNow back while I was in Anchorage on December 27th, I decided to take my daughter hiking to see the carcass of a young whale. The high was 16 degrees Fahrenheit. It wasn’t the temperature that kept us inside but a thick fog, which lingered most of the day.

20180112_200930-1.jpg When the sun came out we took off to Kincaide Park, only to find out the fog had not lifted everywhere. At the places where it had raised, the beauty of the hoarfrost land made everything look like a fairytale, winter wonderland. It was magical. While we were outside, it dropped at least five degrees. It was cold to say the least.

20171227_152557.jpgHere are some photos I took on our hike.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The carcass of the whale appeared to be part of the landscape. But, the smell told you otherwise. The dead whale got washed to shore back in September. If you care to see a video of the day the whale was found click, here.




Hope the pictures or the video didn’t shock you too much.

If you ever visit Alaska in the winter, is best to come prepare for the unexpected hoarfrost weather or dead whale carcasses.



Be light today and make someone shine.

No words, just a smile from the heart.

Give a tender touch of kindness.

And one lasting loving look.

Gently the snow cuddles among dry leaves on a lifeless branch and rests.


Snow tucks within a dried-up stock. It bends, but doesn’t break.


Like a bride’s veil, snow glows on top of uniquely crafted dry plant.


A Hiker’s Dream in Alaska

Girdwood Alaska

A mountain top view at the Moose Meadow Park, in Girdwood, Alaska is an exhilarating experience. To stand at the base of this majestic mountain range will itch one’s feet to go  and explore the trails in the woods.




This small town is cuddled among outdoor beauty which changes all year round. Come at your favorite time, wether be summer, spring, winter or fall, there will be something to do for all.

Do make sure to bring proper attire for the time of year. Check the weather and plan accordingly, not only for clothing but safety and for what animals may be around.


Spending the night is best in the late fall and winter, in my opinion. For the fall days are filled with magical glittering leaves when the sun shines. Then during the night, the sky lights up with electrifying auroras dancing to a silent melodious tune. Both delight the soul, especially when the sky’s are partially or totally clear.


One can stay in the Alyeska Hotel. From this resort, it’s easy hike to the Moose Meadow Park, ride the tram to eat and sightsee, fish at near by streams or ski the Alyeska Mountain. If you rather have a more home like stay, there are B&B’s and vacation homes one can rent.


20171002_191904.jpgPlaces like these, makes me wish my head was in the clouds, yet my feet must remained parallel on the grown, if I do desire to hike and explored this wonderland of Alaska.

Up in those mountain are glaciers and the only way I could see them was from where I stood, unless I took a helicopter or hiking tour.

As for hiking to the top, that would take time, planning and careful watch, for brown and black bears roam wild in Alaska’s starting in spring to fall. Oh and I better not forget to warn you about moosie moosies. They can attack at any time of the year. Hide behind a tree if yo see a moose. But be on high alert in the summer when young calfs are around, same goes for those cute, fluffy looking bear cubs.

Bring your bells and whistles when you come, for they are not only for Christmas time. But, to keep you and your dear ones safe and alive, all year round. Cause one never knows if a bear forgot to wait for nature’s alarm and woke up too early and then be found.