If You Ever Find My Phone


If you ever find my phone, you will see all the pictures I’ve taken in the past few months.

They will show the beauty, the detail, the moment, the color, the morning, the evening, the sky, the sea, the tree, the leaf, the moose, the bear, the rabbit, the flower, the people with me, all the life around me.

But, it will never show my storms, my waves, my turmoil, my pain, my tears, my sadness, my sleepless nights, those are not the things I chose to focus on.

Yet, those experiences are what move me to take the picture of what is right before me as I hold on for dear life to the purpose of living with hope, by faith and in love.

My life is a well of emotions which helps me to pull from to write, to share, to connect with others and those whom I may not physically touch, yet understand by our similar thoughts, emotions and unspoken circumstances.

We all have wild waves to survive. Maybe even ride out in this very moment. If we do ride our waves out, survive their overwhelming power, they will push us to solid ground.

Then, we can give an encouraging word to the ones still out at sea. Give a hand to the ones that got washed from the sea. Help others walk on the solid ground we are now walking on.

Let’s be compassionate to those around us who are drowning, tumbling, and sinking.

May they sense the hope we have in God; see our faith in our Savior and Lord, Jesus in us; and feel the love of God for humanity through us.


Giving Up or Letting Go?

Woke up with the phrase, “thoughts can kill you or heal you,” and it wouldn’t leave me alone.
Seeking undestanding, I ask the Lord, “is this a theme for a story or something else?”
As I spent my quiet time, the phrase return and it brought another idea along. Not finding the proper words to put on this feeling, I looked for a photo to help me identify what the Holy Spirit was telling me.
When I saw the leaf, a question formed, “Is the leaf giving up or letting go?”
Knowing how God works and moves me or should I say pushes me to act upon what He sees in me, I knew a reminder was being handed for my mind.
Will I be giving up what has been done in me? Or letting go and accept the change which is in hand?
Many times, I fight thoughts which push me to give up and let the dream die.
It’s a real, true struggle within me!!!
One which produces melancholy even after workouts, walks and being out in nature for hours. Usually God wakes my spirit and soon I get myself moving by doing my duties of laundry and cleaning or paying bills.
My self talk goes something like this, “Lidia, you’re a grown woman, just keep taking steps. How else can you be a witness of what you’ve said you are in Christ?”
Why am telling you this? Because I’m not alone fighting a battle which we’ve been told it’s won. Yet, no relief has come. It diverted and missed us. Well, it feels like it has for what ever reason.
Instead of standing strong against the enemy. I do as he wants, be in the front battle zone fighting for my right to be who God said I am.
For many of us, the war exist in our head more than in our heart.
We struggle with thoughts which are killing us, inside out. Once our will is done with, we have no reason to exist. Meditate on God words, are daily pills, but our thoughts of redemption and healing remain dried up. (Rom. 12:2)
Then the dagger hits home, Hope is for others, not for me.
I shared my reoccurring waking thought with a friend over coffee this morning. I mention that I wasn’t sure if it was for a story. She suggested to write a story about twins, one with the name Ican’t and the other Ican.
After she left, I had my quiet time. It was them when I saw these twins, joined by one heart, in me.
Who will win?
The one who will remain standing strong and walk in the newness of who she has become.
Is it easy? Nope. I will confront that solid steep mountian God told me about.
It will seem unclimbable before me, but with the Lord’s help, I will get to the other side which is labeled, “accomplishement.”
Not sure what you’re struggling and doing battle with today, but be assured you are not alone even though it’s a lonesome road.
Today will you chose with me to dwell and meditate on the Victory which the Lord conquered for us through His resurrection?
Let’s encourage each other today as we stand with the banner of victory on our spear then walk in faith on what has already been done and accomplished in us. (Heb. 3:13)
You maybe on a different road, but we’re facing the same enemy. Let’s keep in mind the enemy is not only finished but CONQUERED! (John 19:30)

Just Because


~Just because I woke late doesn’t mean I will not get much done.

I’ve planned, wrote, and created post on Facebook, Instagram and WordPress.

~Just because the sky is cover with stormy clouds doesn’t mean life will dump on me.

Friends have called, texted and messaged me speaking blessed truth into my soul.

~Just because the day is cold and gray doesn’t mean sadness will over take my heart.

Delight and assurance have been my companions to wonder in the world of creativity.

May the clouds covering your blue, sunny sky not hinder you from receiving the gifts of accomplishment, friendship or creativity in your life today or any day.

Blessings, Lidia.




Fret Appeared As A Flick

Philippians 3:13-14 “I’m not saying that I have this all together, that I have it made. But I am well on my way, reaching out for Christ, who has so wondrously reached out for me. Friends, don’t get me wrong: By no means do I count myself an expert in all of this, but I’ve got my eye on the goal, where God is beckoning us onward—to Jesus. I’m off and running, and I’m not turning back.” MSG


I received a phone call saying that one of my son’s is not doing well and is thinking of quitting his job for a lesser one.

Let me back up four months past.

My oldest son was involved in an automobile accident. He was rear ended by a van going at 60 mph totaling his car. He, his wife and two young son were in the car at the time. Thankfully, no one else was hurt, only him. After three months of recovery, he returned to work, but he’s not the same.

The neck injury is effecting one of his hand. He’s unable to hold on to things. As his mother, my heart broke again as I heard the news. This son has faced one challenge after another without much of a break. Some of those are of his own doing, but others came as magnets not releasing him until the lasting damages had taken its course, much like this one.

When I’m riding on God’s Eagles, His promises, like the verse in Philippians and receive heart tugging news of one of my children struggling, I want to land the eagle and ask my child to climb aboard.

But, I can’t.

I can only call and point to the Lord’s almighty eagle for them to climb on.

Before fret ignited full-blown worry in my soul, I pointed my son where the Holy Spirit led me. I couldn’t believe my eyes as read, Isaiah 4: 10.

“. . . I’ve picked you. I haven’t dropped you.’
Don’t panic. I’m with you.
    There’s no need to fear for I’m your God.
I’ll give you strength. I’ll help you.
    I’ll hold you steady, keep a firm grip on you.” msg

My hope is that my son climbed aboard.

Trusting my God gave no room for the flame of worry to crash me to the ground of uncertainty and disbelief. I continued to soar on my eagle. For, I must press on to the goal God has before me.

Without a doubt, I knew the Lord reached down to my son. All my son needed to do was to take His Lord’s hand and climb on His promise.

Holly Spirit minister to my son’s spirit as you have minister to mine. Help him to hear what God wants him to know. Direct his path along the side his Savior. Lord, strengthen his faith and belief in You.

God, please give my husband and I wisdom on how to advice our son, or not to speak, plus being the godly parents he needs at this time. Thank you, for all you are doing and will do for my son and his beautiful family.

May you find encouragement in God’s word and my story.

Soar on Eagles Wings. (Click on soar and wings to listen to songs.)


The Dangers of holding Yourself Back

Stifling Dreams Create Nightmares

20180120_153624.jpgWhat talent am I suffocating, because of what if it takes off?

What ability am I quenching, because of what others may think of me?

What inspiration am I killing, because of what if it succeed?

Stifling our creativity harms not only ourselves, but those whom would have benefited from our work.

In a sense, we are not only killing our growth by withholding inspiration from the world around us, but we are keeping ourselves in the darkness of hopelessness.

Breakthroughs from stifle thinking, not only brings dreams alive, but give light for many other souls to hope again through our gifts, talents and works.

Be creative, spread insight, possibilities and imagination.

Allow your dream to take flight.


Fenced, Chained and Locked

20170103_073940.jpgFENCED, CHAINED AND LOCKED ~ Here is where I find myself more often than I want. The good thing is, it’s happening less and less as I discover what binds me down.

Many times I know what keeps me from escaping the prison I find myself in. It’s those darn fears, crippling insecurities, blinding doubts, and the cutting words of whom I’ve given power over me.

The question is what’s binding me today? Why can’t I get to where I want to be? Why is it that the work I honestly want to get done, seems impossible to reach?

It’s not all about the will, or the heart or even the mind that stops me. It’s what I’ve been told and have accepted as truth, which isn’t mine. The words which have been spoken over me, may have a ring of truth, but they have been dunk in the murky water of guilt and control.

Have you notice, that once you’ve accepted a truth from a love one, it weight you down? It may have not been noticeable right away, but in time you began to wonder, why am I moping around and not getting things done?

Then you give yourself that pep talk which has helped you before, but you find that it’s not working. As a faith person, you’ve cried out to God and ask him for help. Which He’s faithfulness never has let you down. Even so, the familiar pressure of the chain of hinderance wrap itself tighter and tighter around your mind, heart and eventually your soul. What do you do then?

Here is what I do, I pray and wait for God’s faithfulness to help me find what keeping in bondage. In the mean time I journal. If enlightenment of what weights me down doesn’t come, I call my mentor or a friend, whom knows my struggles and ask for prayer and insight.

Today, it was words, which held some truth but have been dunked in the murky water of guilt, jealousy, envy and control. I was made aware, to take responsibility of my neglects without the negativity that came with the truth.

What’s weighing you down? Why aren’t you able to accomplish the tasks you need to do or the projects you desire to do? Whom or what are you believing about your present self?

May you find the truth which unlocks the lock. May the chains of falsehood fall from your mind, heart and soul. But most important, may Truth set you free to take care of your responsibilities and to use your gift to your potential.

God bless you.


Nature ~ Where My Heart Flutters and My Cares Flee


My place of refuge

20170905_133203.jpgNature is where I go when my soul needs wings, when my mind needs clarity and my spirit in in desperate need of a higher lift.

20170907_205326.jpgChains of troubles, concerns and hurts are not only heavy and enslaving, but they are entangled with doubts, fears and lies. They do not allow breaths of joy, assurance or confidence to enter my soul.

 20170905_083007.jpgBeing out in creation, my lungs expand to the point my chest feels an ache. My shoulders relax releasing the tension from my back. And my neck straightens lifting my chin. The chains break off and my steps become light again.

What is true soon comes to view.

20170905_073032.jpgIt is then that I know I’m not alone. Evidence appear of the unseen steps beside me. God has been walking silently ahead of me. He waits for me to realize the cause of the pain, the lack of trust from the concern and the troubles of heartbreaks.

20170907_205454.jpgAt times, my eyes drown in sorrow distorting my sight. But, Gently, God wipes my tears away and a peaceful hush comes before His Spirit whisper is heard.

Like a calm wind, He speaks, “Listen, Truth will rebuild you. But be prepare for it may bring more pain.

20170905_131656.jpgBe aware, in-spite of the dangers of this world, there’s an unseen power which deceives and destroys the will to go on, allowing death to take the rotting soul.

20170905_071837.jpgYet, Hope appears to anyone who seeks the One who nature depends on.”

20170904_153708.jpgGod always meets me in nature, where I see with my heart and hear with my soul for my actual eyes and ears are limited.

20170916_114609.jpgGod’s creation is where my heart flutters and my cares fly away.


Note ~ all pictures were taken by me in Alaska, from Seward to Northeast of Palmer along highway 1.


Layers ~ The Alaskan Sky

Clouds lift my eyes to the heavens

where hope takes my cares

far from me.

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Have you ever had a day where the color of life has been washed out?

It feel as if one has no reason to get out of bed, go for a walk, take a picture, write a line or see anyone.

I‘ve had my blanched days. It matter not what colors exist around me. I can’t even seem to squeeze a drop of mellow yellow into my half-fill glass of life.

All I can do is wait and pray for the blood of color to flush back into my soul and I can feel happy once more.

20170907_054532.jpgIn the mean time, I breath and exhale as I do my duties, feeling powerless and all alone.

Sometimes, Im not sure why I go through pale days for I have no real reason to feel this way. Then a moment comes when something grater than me reveals the purpose, that it’s to understand and then help a friends or a family member when they experience similar lifelessness days.

The goodness of living out my day without color is, the desire to persevere actually grows and I become an overcomer again.

For I knows what colorful days are like and what they bring, which is much more than a reason to only exist.

It may be tomorrow, but eventually a rainbow of colors will flush into my empty soul and the purpose to love returns, empowering my will to live on.

Even thou I wish these days would never come again, I know they will. But when they come with a full force of oppression, I will bring out my stepping stones of reliance in the faith that has pulled me through knowing this day and time will come to an end.

My hope lies in the One who brings life from a seed to create beautiful color around me.

Come Change


Change is something I prefer to avoid. Especially when life is calm, peaceful, good and happy.

Who wouldn’t? Right?

Yet, I want to live well, love family and friends, and see the world. Wouldn’t you?

If I live well, I must adapt to new diets, exercise, sleep and continue to learn for my body cannot stop changing. It will not wait for me to want to eat more fruit and veggies, go for a walk, rest my tire back, or learn something new. Age waits for no one, not even the healthy, happy and harmonious people. Gray hair comes like a foreign specimen which hasn’t been call to appear. Not exactly sure how it came to me, for I know I’m still only thirty-three.

In college, when my hair was naturally brown, I could eat a large pizza all by myself. My husband can testify to this truth. When he asked me out on a date and he only ate one piece, he thought he wouldn’t be able to afford me. In those days, I ate what ever I wanted and still held my weight at a hundred pounds or less. Not true today. But I won’t go there, not now. 20170829_101727.jpg

As for loving family and friends, it’s wonderful to be around them when they agree with my point of view. But when the moods changes, behavior explodes, and choices causes disagreements, well that crystal clear lake of love suddenly has become very murky.

When my kids were young and hugged me, my soul sang, “Do it to me one more time.” But when they became teenagers and rolled theirs eyes at me, my mouth wanted to sing, “Do it to me one more time,” plus a few EXTRA words.

Now, about seeing the world, just let me chose the time, place and cost. Please don’t narrow the selection for me. Yet circumstances, which are out of my control, has a way to meddle in my personal planner and dictate where, when and how much I can spend.

Life has a way of placing me in challenging scenarios which I don’t welcome with open arms. For my hands are usually on my face holding my jaw in disbelief, or wiping my tears from the misfortune. Growth can’t stay calm, peaceful, good and happy all the time. Otherwise it will stink like a lake which never gets rained on or disturbed by the wind. Life will then becomes lifeless.

Stagnant and change can’t coexist.20170829_101839.jpg

I’ve learn to not only accept change, but to anticipate the goodness which comes out of the adversity. It does come, along with the uncomfortableness. Letting go of what once was wonderful, is never easy. Tears will drown your soul, sleepless nights will hold you captive and long miserable days will seem hopeless. In time, new growth brings a smile, soon joy returns and finally peace is found once again.

There’s always a choice, it’s call free will. I could hold on to what I had and not accept the change. The only things is, sadness will consume my soul. And, I would miss out on what lies before me, new growth. If the eyes of my heart will always look back at what once was, I can’t see the beauty or accept the goodness which is being restore to me.

My gaze must not remains in the past, otherwise, I will become a bitter person and end as a pillar of salt.