Glimmering Glee

BACK ON MARCH 30 – It was a beautiful sunny day in Anchorage, Alaska and all I wanted was to feel the sun’s warmth as the chilled air-cooled my face.20180418_153353.jpg

Believe me, on this day, this trail was busy with walkers, bikers and cross-country skiers. Oh, I almost forgot, also man’s best friend, doggies. It was safe, yet I remain alert.20180418_152131.jpgThe peace and tranquility in the Alaska’s outdoors is addicting. I can’t ever get enough. On this day, I couldn’t wait to find a place to lose myself in. Mentally speaking.20180331_121537.jpg


The beauty this trail revealed created bubbles of happiness inside me. If I could have, I would have giggled as I twirled. I would have spun until the ground would have become unstable.

But, I didn’t.20180402_181547


I did feel drunk from the purest blue sky, that I thought I heard the spread out tree arms clap faster and faster as if to encourage me to go ahead spin and set my soul free. 20180418_152849.jpg

Even though I only imagined, my soul did become filled with glee from the glimmering snow. I felt very much like a child as I roamed, photograph and dreamed by myself, but never once did I feel alone.

20180418_152715.jpgI hope you enjoyed this place like I did.


Take A Walk With Me




How are you? How’s life? What’s new, old or the same? Can you take a break and mentally walk with me?

While we’re together, let’s talk from one heart to another. What troubles you today? Can you see beyond the sunset? Are you able to lift your eyes and see the clouds depart? Will you stay with me and read till the end?


I hear silence.


I felt the wind of your sigh.

I know, it’s the middle of week, and things are beginning to weigh us down. Yet, we must finish well. Totally understand, for I find myself there, in the same spot. And from there is where I write.

Let me tell you about an ant that moves her house from place to place.  Her days are heavy and her nights are short. When the stars cover the sky, she places the house down and crawls inside and rest. Before the sun cast shadows of work undone, she’s up with her list in mind.

Feeling depleted, one day she dropped the house before she arrived to her destination. She hollered at the sky and took God out for a walk. Alone in nature, she waisted no time to tell Him a chunk of her thoughts. They had nothing to do about the heaviness of the house, its issues, challenges or her responsibility, for she already had stretches God’s ear with her solo conversations.

Yet, there was one thing, she kept hidden away, her heart. Slowly and without her being aware she developed a false belief of herself, that she had no purpose only duties.

On this day, the belief bloomed without warning.

She told God, “You see the house I carry. You see me as I go on my way. And, you watch me as I rest. But, have you taken noticed of my heart? No! It faints. It shrikes smaller and smaller each time I lift this house.”

She raised her two front legs to her side and sigh, then said, “I don’t think you see my insignificant heart for it resides in this tiny body of mine. And, this house, it swallows me up.

Do you care to see my heart? It’s loosing faith in you and in me. I don’t even know where my purpose has gone to hide. Please help me find the reason why I should try to survive.” She waited without going anywhere as her antennas felt for God. But no sound or wind came her way.

Without a word she returned to the house, lifted back onto her back and her rear legs wiggled for they’ve grown weary. She straighten her antennas, held them steady and pushed her rear end up.

A smile formed on her tiny face, for the weight of the home was gone. The sun came out, she noticed a shadow and how the house floated above her without a care. As she moved along she saw her own shadow on the narrow path, with the sun behind her she became bigger than the house.

It was then, that her heart reminded her, your gifted with perseverance and endurance, keep going. On your way tell your friends of the Good News.

They too can take God for a walk, but they don’t have to wait until their heart grows small.


Be blessed on this Wednesday and end well this week my friends. and don’t forget to take God out for a walk. Don’t wait for your heart to grow weary.

May the Holy Spirit help you fan your flame. Use the gift of God in you to bless those you serve and those who serve you.

“6 For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands. For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline. So do not be ashamed of the testimony about our Lord or of me his prisoner. Rather, join with me in suffering for the gospel, by the power of God.” 2 Timothy 1:6-8